Import track with interruptions in track

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Import track with interruptions in track

Postby tom » Wed May 13, 2009 12:47 am

I have the following application: I am using Pathaway 4 Standard Edition for paragliding. I also have a file in PCX5 format with 10,000 air traffic obstacle objects such as power lines. This single pcx5 track file has typically 2 track points per object, each object is separated with a H header. This way, if I import the file into TTQV or any Garmin tool, the objects are separately visible. Not so with Pathaway. Pathaway will show the 20,000 trackpoints as a single track, joining all objects to one long line.
Is there a way to bring these interruptions also to the Pathaway screen or do I have to split the track into 10,000 separate track files and import them this way into the Pathaway DB? This would probably make the track menu in Pathaway quite tricky to handle.
Maybe there is a workaround with routes? I am not very familiar with using routes.
Thanks for any hints.

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