Fixed: invalid trackpoints on disconnect

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Fixed: invalid trackpoints on disconnect

Postby Ahto » Tue Sep 05, 2006 11:00 pm

I have for now used PathAway 4 (different builds) daily on WM5 PDA during 5 months long (30000 km) road trip and while functionality of the program is nice, there is one serious reliability problem (plus many smaller bugs).

The most serious problem is the fact that PA now and then adds completely random points to track, these points may be thousands of kilometers away. See the attachment screenshot, there is daily track started that morning that suddenly got odometer reading of 30000 km, thus ruining entire odometer calculation. If you look carefully, there is a thin line that goes to a random point far away from the real track.

To illustrate the problem, lets now make the following test:

1) First you'll need to map "Toggle GPS" funtion to a hard button on your PDA, this can be done under Preferences | Hard keys. I have mapped button 2.

2) Start a new track and start/connect GPS (by either toolbar button or your mapped hard key). If odometer reading is not visible on screen, make it visible. It is 0 if you started a new track.

3) Wait for GPS fix.

4) Now if GPS is connected and fixed, drag the map on screen by finger to another location far from your current position, after what PA starts automatic countdown to auto-position map back.

5) Now, during the countdown, press the hard button you have mapped as "Toggle GPS" (not toolbar button). The GPS is disconnected but you also see that PA adds one new point to your track - the location where your cursor was on the moment you presses "Toggle GPS button". This is serious error, as we have never actually been here. Looking at odometer should display now different reading, although you have not moved (that much).

This bug can be fixed but what we see from it is that internally PA is not saving track log directly from GPS, but it actually saves to track log the position that is in center of the screen. IMO that is not good idea and makes many errors possible.

If you want to make PA reliable and serious tool that can replace usual handheld GPS device then this kind of errors must be eliminated. You can fix the listed bug with a hot fix but probably you'll need to change program design, so it will save tracklog directly and *only* from GPS (as directly as possible), without "mapping".

Sorry to say but with this kind of issues the program can't be used for serious work. :(
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Postby Scott » Mon Sep 11, 2006 7:06 pm

Hi, The problem with the invalid trackpoint being added to the track db on disconnect (occured only if you disconnected while scrolling the map).

Please update to version 4.00.44.

If there are other problems you are having, we would appreciate knowing about them.

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