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Suggestions after using Memory Map

Postby alaskaflyer » Wed Nov 28, 2007 10:39 am

I thought Memory Map was the ultimate moving map navigation software until I tried PA. I'm still learning it but overall it has many more features. Some of the things I liked MM for and would like to see in PA are the following.

Since imputing with a stylus is rather difficult to do while flying, I like to use hard keys as much as possible, much like a dedicated aviation gps unit. One of the ways MM doubles the use of hard keys is by letting you assign an additional command by pressing and holding the key...this essentially doubles the number of commands you can assign keys. As an example, press once to toggle the dashboard on or off, press and hold to toggle the taskbar on or off.

Another feature of MM was the ability to do so much more on your desktop with the software(much easier to do planning on your computer screen at home.) Not only could you calibrate maps like PA, but you could also set points and plot routes and export these along with your maps to your pda. You could even design databases of points in notepad and export them. I was able to list and plot all of the airports on the sectional that I use with a note about each one, listing frequencies and runway headings. Then I just exported it to my pda.

Another feature I liked was the ability to just tap anywhere on the screen to get a position in Lat and Lon in a small text could toggle this feature on and off. If you tapped on an existing point that you created, you would see the important info in a text box without having to go thru a context menu. I would list my airport with radio frequencies and runway heading to see them in a quick glance. Tapping a second time would clear it.

When you're in point view mode, I'd like to see the points listed in order of their distance from my position. This would be similar to the “nearest” button on most aviation gps's. At a glance, if you had a problem, you could see which point or airport in my case, is closest.

PA is by far the most powerful moving map gps software that I have used. The ability to layer maps is great. I fly the sectional and switch to aerial maps of the airports when I get close and this is just way to cool. This software makes flying in Alaska so much more safe, so thanks for a great product and I look forward to learning about all of PA's great capabilities.

Also, I am using a Dell Axim x50v with a BT-77 bluetooth gps reciever and the combo works flawlessly for me. The only lockup problems I have is if the unit powers down after inactivity. I have to reset, so I make sure that the unit stays on and I just use the Pocket Mode to save battery power.

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