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options cleanup / other suggestions

Postby GPSKlaus » Tue Apr 08, 2008 12:54 am

Hi all,

here my two bits what should be improved (which isn't much; I got it working in seconds flat on my new Nomad)

    - to show some options in a tree structure where now are indents e.g. Options -> preferences - > map the indented options (Show points -> show icons -> normal / large)
    - Values only with two digits after the decimal point e.g. Tracking min movement
    - make a reasonable conversion of these values when switching from metric to statute units
    - save with location if the samples were taken with WAAS on /off
    - an optional scale for guessing distances
    - where to store the tracks
    - set the Pocket PC's clock periodically with GPS time (it doesn't get better than this)

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