Macro-recorder support

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Macro-recorder support

Postby BerndB » Fri Jul 28, 2006 8:56 pm

Hi Scott,

first, thanks for programming PathAway. :D

second, I use the German version of PW TTQV EN 4.00.36
So I don't know the terms used e.g. for Menues. :wink:

I would appreciate it very much if PW could support the recording of a MacroRecorder as e.g. buttonMax. :)

Always same sequenzes as e.g. setting a Waypoint as a cross (for showing branches in the dashboard) or connecting a .WAV to a WayPoint for language statements could be set to a Hard Key via a MacroRecorder.

PW should allow a MacroRecorder to set HardKeys, if in PW-Options 'activate HardKeys' is not checked.
And as well it's neccessary that the same Menu allways pops up at the same place.

If PW HardKeys are activated a feature 'uncheck HardKeys' in the selection list would be nice to have the posibillity for a quick change at least in the direction to the 'Macro mode'.

hopefully, it's not that big thing to implement my wish. :wink:

Thanks and best regards

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