Storage location for databases

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Storage location for databases

Postby dualarrow » Thu Mar 15, 2007 6:01 pm

Currently it seems you can specify where to search for many of the databases used by PathAway, but you can't specify the location to store new databases (eg a new track).

I use a Dell Axim X3 and it doesnt have a lot of available memory, but I have a 1Gb SD card for my data. PathAway seems to default to storing its data in the /My Documents folder which consumes main memory. If I could tell it to store it on my SD card, it wouldn't slowly eat away my memory. (I currently have about 14Mb free when I start PathAway).

Overall, a very impressive piece of software. I also have OziExplorer, but I think I'll be using PathAway from now on (be nice if it could convert Ozi maps).


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