Improved navigation by compass

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Improved navigation by compass

Postby passaro » Mon May 28, 2007 6:25 am


First of all, I am quite impressed with the array of features provided by PathAway. Congratulations!

I found that navigating by compass can be helpful in some situations when there is no much time to look to the screen, like in cycling.

But the compass modes available, particulay the "Follow Heading" is somewhat confusing to me when I am close to the next point as the compass rotates to fast and provides directions difficult to interpret.

So I consider there is an opportunity for another compass mode that can show in one look the next point position and the following point direction. This would be a very helpfull visual tool to follow routes.

I have done some "PowerPoint Engineering" in the attached file to describe what I have in mind. I hope you can understand it clearly and more users find it as useful is I do.
Follow ahead.pdf
Proposal for a new compass mode Follow Ahead
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