Add more rotate map direction

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Add more rotate map direction

Postby kcchowuni2 » Fri Aug 10, 2007 1:53 pm

I use Pathaway 4 and found this is a good GPS software for me, I always follow the track or route to go, I would like the track or route always on top of arrow ( Map rotate follow the car direction ), Pathaway is very close to (" Track Up Navigation: Automatic or manual Map rotation in 90 degree increments"), but now, Pathaway is turn 90 degree by each time, so the arrow will point to right or left , I suggest if you can change to 30 degree or 45 degree by each change, it will be very close to Rotate map .

And I can not open the sound to remind me when I was active a route. please tell me how to open the sound function?


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