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Writen messages/warnings for visual confirmation

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 12:32 am
by passaro
Hello Scott,

One idea is to use the temporary message window to display a text message for a warning or to confirm an action, in the same way you have it now to confirm a SMS sending after the comand "Send My Location".

For instance, I have an hard button configured to toggle the Tracking status. It would be convinient to display a message for a few seconds saing "Tracking Suspended" or "Tracking Enabled"

In real life applications, if you want to make sure you issue the command (one might be in an moving situation, not in an office!), or if you ear a warning beep but you can not remember exactly what was it about, a written message can give the user the confidence the application is making (or not) what was intented.