A display for the received GPS time with seconds

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A display for the received GPS time with seconds

Postby girlich » Fri May 25, 2007 1:45 am

I have the following use case: I record a track and at the same time I take pictures with my digital camera. By comparing the EXIF time and the track time I can pin-point the position of every picture (see gpsPhoto.pl).

To do this correct, I need to synchronize the different clocks. Usually I take a picture of my PDA as it displays the current time. Unfortunately, PathAway synchronizes the system clock only if it is off by more than one minute (option 'Set Clock to GPS Time') but the system time is not interesting anyway, as the time recorded in the track is the time as sended by GPS.

But PathAway never displays the full time (with seconds) it receives from the satellites. Screen/GPS Sky View displays only hours:minutes and also dashboard General Info/Time is only hour:minutes.

Currently I help myself starting GPSLocator, which is installed by default on my FSC PocketLoox 520. This simple program tells me my current position and the GPS time in seconds and so I know exactly (error margin is 1 second) how much my camera clock is off. I would prefer to do everything with PathAway alone.

I don't need this on the full screen map view. There is no need for seconds accuracy but on the 'GPS Sky View' it would be nice to see the full time with seconds.

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