PathAway Data Transfer Utility Information

Discussion regarding the PathAway Data Transfer Utility for Windows.
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PathAway Data Transfer Utility Information

Postby Scott » Wed Apr 18, 2007 8:45 pm

The PathAway Data Transfer Utility (DTU) is a Windows-based wizard-style utility for converting and transferring tracks, routes, and points to and from your handheld.

For Windows Mobile, ActiveSync must be connected for direct data transfer.

For Palm OS, the data is extracted from your Palm Backup folder. On send, data is added to the Palm Installer. You must HotSync to transfer the data to the Palm OS device.

Currently it supports PathAway Delimited Text, GPX, KML (export), LOC, CSV, OZI PCX5, OZI Track, Waypoint+

Simply run the program and follow the steps to do the conversion and transfer of your data. If you don't want to transfer to the device, you can simply run the "Convert" portion.

You can also define your own delimited data format to use for transfer. To do this, copy one of the .cal files located in the same folder as where you installed the software. Edit the file to match your data format. Give it a unique name and save it. Next time the DTU runs, it will show your format in the list.

The format definition of the .cal file is at ... Format.htm

The format definition of the PathAway Delimited text format is at ... Format.htm

For this pre-release, please report all bugs to

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