PathAway adds support for X-Traverse online maps and data

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PathAway adds support for X-Traverse online maps and data

Postby Scott » Wed Aug 18, 2010 12:14 am

PathAway adds direct support for online maps and data exchange via.

X-Traverse is a web service which lets you save, retrieve, and move data across PathAway or other mobile or desktop applications. Online Maps and Charts are also available for use via PathAway WebMaps.

X-Traverse is:
Easy to use - Simple, intuitive interface
Cost effective - Starts at just $10 per year, see pricing
Safe and secure - Uses SSL encryption for all data transfer.

Because its web based, you don’t need to be cabled between one device and another. For example, you have some data on your desktop PC which you wish to transfer to PathAway or other mobile device – simply upload the data to your X-Traverse account, then download to PathAway through the internet.

For geographic data such as GPS waypoints, routes and tracks in KML/KMZ or GPX format, X-Traverse lets you view your trips on an online map, or transfer GPX files easily to your favourite Geocaching website. View your KML/KMZ trips in Google Earth directly from X-Traverse.

Once signed up to an X-Traverse data account at, a wide variety of online maps and charts are also available for subscription. Maps and charts are downloaded directly to your software from the internet. No CD's or DVD's to ship or install. Click here to purchase maps or charts.

In PathAway, to access X-Traverse Data Exchange, go to one of the Trips, Tracks, Routes, or Point databases dialogs and choose Import or Export. The on-screen dialogs will guide you through the process.

In PathAway, the X-Traverse Maps and charts you purchase will be displayed in the WebMaps dialog. Choose Map Source "X-Traverse".

Online Maps and Charts currently available are topo maps of:
- Canada
- Sweden
- Germany
With more coming soon..."

Please note: You will need to upgrade to PathAway version 5.30 in order to take advantage of these new features. If you already have version 5, then this update is FREE.

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