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automated track backup

Postby joeuser » Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:38 pm

losing tracks doesnt happen often, but when it does, it ranges from "sucky" to "life threatening". a windows mobile crash and subsequent reboot today left pathaway with the track database reset back to what it was in the morning, 3000 recorded points were simply gone.

i dont know why or when this happens, probably when something fucks up while pw does a critical write to its database. of course it would be better if nothing was ever lost just because of a crash/reboot, but i doubt there can be hundred percent safety here. it´s windows we´re dealing with, after all.

to prevent a (possibly catastrophic) loss of data, i suggest an automated, timer-based export of the currently recorded track to a gpx file. save it in background, every N minutes or N points (configurable) to a directory set by the user. a gpx file in a decent filesystem on a decent sd card is more robust than this windows database prc blackhole stuff will ever be.

simple to implement since all the functionality is already there, yet a possible life saver.

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Postby passaro » Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:21 am


Some time ago (aprox 1.5 years) I also had problems of loosing data with PathAway, at that time with version 4. There were mainly problems related with WM5. After upgrading to WM6 I got a much more stable platform. Anyway a backup is always a good practice, and I backup the PathAway databases (.dbv files) pwdbsession.dat and other frequently.

While we don't have an autobackup feature in PathAway, allow me some publicity to the SKTools sofware, which I use for backup. The backup is simply one of its hundred of functions to tweak and control the pocket PC. With some patience, you can define a .txt with the list of files to backup and create an icon to start a backup of your prefered files, and place that icon close to the other Programs icons. I simply don't have experience running a backup while PathAway is running.

Hope you get your data saved the next time!

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