Managing WebMaps from GE

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Managing WebMaps from GE

Postby GB13 » Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:34 pm

Hello everybody,

I am just coming back from an offroad tour in tunisia desert.
I have used an HTCAdvantage under WM5 and ptw5pro.
Before departure, i've spend a lot of time in downloading satellite views from google earth (one screen view=1km width; all trip 50km E-W, 200km N-S!).
Some questions and remarks:
1/ is it possible to download more than 4 map tiles in one time?, at different scales? (it takes for sure a lot of time to do it one by one)
2/ what is the rule in storing maps : names, folders (it seems to be a lot of folders named G...)? What is the way to manage it and save it for a further use?
3/ sometimes the maps downloaded desappears...
4/ no way to manage it in option-maps menu

I think that this new fonction (web maps) is a great one very usefull, and hope it will be easyly tu use in the future.

Last question for scott : in intensive offroad use with a lot of vibrations, many times the soft stay locked and need a hard reset. Do you think it could be a trouble in reading/writing on the 6Gb integrated disk (storage of all the maps and tracks), and could be better in using a SD card?

Thanks for your answer,
And long life to pathaway! :D

Gilles from France.

(ps: i apology for my bad english...)

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