White screen when doing "Scale Zoom In"

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White screen when doing "Scale Zoom In"

Postby reinim19 » Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:18 pm


I noticed the following problem when doing a "Scale Zoom in", especially with pixel-wide maps:
Starting at a certain scale of zooming-in the map disappears and instead the background gets white. Just symbols like waypoints and routes remain :shock: .

27,000 x 7,000 pixel map, position marker on the right side:
1:1 zoom ok, 1st step zoom-in --> already white screen (=no zoom-in possible)

10,000 x 10,000 pixel map, position marker on the right side:
starting with 5th step zoom-in (=300%) --> white screen

This bad behaviour just depends on

a) the total width of the map: the wider the map the less zooming-in is possible)

b) the position of the position marker on the map:
on the left of the map: ok, maximum zooming-in possible
on the right side: just minimum zooming-in

It DOESN'T depend on
- the height of the map (10,000 x 1,000 pixel or 10,000 x 10,000 --> the same effect)
- calibration method
- bit depth
- compression on or off
- Pathaway 4 or 5 (white screen starts at about the same scale)

What's the reason of this problem and are you able to fix it?
Thanks a lot, reinim19!

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