Keep direction when stopped

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Keep direction when stopped

Postby passaro » Fri Dec 05, 2008 6:49 am

Hello Scott,

When I used the receiver Holux GPSlim 236, based on a Sirf StarIII chipset, it used to have an internal setting for static navigation. With such setting enabled, the receiver could detect when I was stopped and therefore direction was "frozen". This was a convenient feature when I stopped to examine map position or wathever I would like to check.

Now I am using Holux M-1000, with slightly better sensitivity, but the chipset is from MTK (MT3318), and such feature is not available. So most times when I stop, the receiver continues transmitting small adjustments to the position, but it is particulary annoying to update the direction almost every second. So the pointer loses the direction I was travelling.

Maybe you can include an option in the Preferences / Time like "Do not update course if speed < 4 km/h". This way you could overcome the limitation of this chipset and similar ones.

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