PathAway GPS 5 Express Edition for Symbian Released!

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PathAway GPS 5 Express Edition for Symbian Released!

Postby Scott » Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:11 am

We are pleased to announce the release of PathAway GPS 5 Express Edition for Symbian. This version has most of the features of the existing PathAway version 5 applications on the market today.

Key features:

Maps from Anywhere
Import a wide array of map and graphic formats using the free Map Manager, or third-party Desktop Mapping Software. Maps are highly compressed and optimized for mobile devices, so very large maps can be used efficiently.

Intelligent Moving Map Display
As you travel, PathAway will center the map on your position. When you exit the boundary of one map and enter another, PathAway can be setup to automatically switch to the new map. The software can even be set to automatically zoom in to the map of highest detail when it's boundaries have been reached. Great for navigating to a destination point that requires precision detail.

Map Projections and National Grids
PathAway supports the most popular Map Projections and National Grids such as UTM and OSGB.

Personal Points of Interest/Waypoints
Capture an unlimited number of georeferenced points, and record detailed names and descriptions. Attach a custom icon, for easy visual scanning.

Record and Follow Track logs
Record the track while traveling. These tracks can then be used as routes to navigate back home. PathAway can store an unlimited number of track logs which can be selected at any time for navigation or analysis.

Point to Point Routing
Create routes quickly by simply clicking points on a map, or by choosing from a point database.

Navigation Warnings and Alarms
Proximity detection alerts upcoming points along a route. PathAway also has off-track and elevation range alarms.

GPS Sky View and Satellite Data View
Analyse GPS Connection to determine quality of reception.

Onscreen Trip Statistics on a Customizable Dashboard
Display the information needed while still having a great view of the map. Includes 12 customizable pop-out items. Stats such as ground speed, average and max speed, and vertical climbe/descent speed. elevation, geographic coordinates, directional heading/ ground distance/vertical distance/vertical angle to next point, or destination. Odometer, elapsed time, Estimated time enroute. Over 35 dash items to choose from.

Customizable Compass View
Customizable Large Compass view screens showing Heading, Direction to Next Point, or any other available navigation data. View multiple Compasses on the screen at the same time, or a single large compass.

Import Data Formats
Google Earth KML, GPX, LOC, and other formats supported.

Compatible with Series 60 3rd and 5th Edition Symbian Smartphones
PathAway Standard Edition runs on the latest Symbian Smartphones. PathAway is optimized for 5th Edition Touchscreen devices, with features such as drag, tap and hold commands, and a selectable toolbar. This includes smartphones from Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Sony-Ericsson.

PathAway GPS 5 for Symbian is available for download at Price is $29.95 US. Users can try out PathAway by downloading the free 15-day trial. Free support is provided via online contact form, or the PathAway Support Forum.

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