Enter ideas to be considered for future versions for PathAway for Symbian Smartphones.
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Postby ZehHa » Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:41 pm

Hi Scott!

Congratulation for your new Symbian PathAway application. Enlarging the number of supported OS' will enlarge the number of users. But there is a keen competition, and many users will prefer navigation apps.

In my opinion you should cross develop for even more operating systems, like webOS, android, and iPhone OS. Those apps should be pretty akin to each other, as they all have an underlying linux system (or unix in the case of iPhone OS)

I will definitely purchase a webOS PathAway, as soon as it is available. Beforehand I will give PathAway S60 a trial on my 6120c... And will continue using my Touratech PathAway licences on TX, LifeDrive and Centro.

Kind regards


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