Battery management

Enter ideas to be considered for future versions for PathAway for Symbian Smartphones.
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Battery management

Postby catalin » Tue Sep 14, 2010 5:24 pm

Battery management is very important for devices with internal GPS. Few of them will run for max 8 hr with GPS enabled and mostly will die faster so battery saving is critical for longer trips.

For Pathaway Express the only battery management feature I found is the on/off GPS reception button, so the battery is saving by manually enabling and disabling GPS.

Until Pathaway I have used another sw which has a very nice feature for battery saving. There is a log mode called "Long time" which works this way, all steps done automatically:
- enable GPS reception
- get the fix
- record the position to track log & update the map display
- close GPS reception
- wait a user defined number of minutes
- go over again

This way battery time may increase up to a full day for 10 min interval! (10min is fine for walking/trekking, 1-5 min for biking)

This feature is so efficient because the main drain on battery is caused by GPS reception and not by the application running.
At least for Symbian phones.

What I would love to have for Pathaway:
- an option in the menu to enable battery saving (the GPS on/off mechanism). Optionally, there will be a shortcut/button on screen for this;
- an extra log time interval defined for battery saving (in minutes)
- user defined maximum time in seconds to aquire the fix (auto by default).
This is useful if GPS reception is low, caused by dense forests, canyons, etc. when a good fix cannot be aquired and waiting for a good fix will drain the battery (This feature is not implemented in other software)

Thank you.

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