Does PathAway support an "URL scheme" on IOS?

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Does PathAway support an "URL scheme" on IOS?

Postby printf » Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:29 am


I am a geocacher and i use Geosphere on the Iphone/Ipad for finding the caches. This application supports only online maps. But is has the ability to call other applications on the device like Navigon or Topomaps.
Topomaps, for example, is called through an URL like


Geosphere exchanges logitude and latitude with the actual coordinates and topomaps shoes a marker on exactly that position.

Since i love PathAway with the offline maps, i would sometimes like to show the coordinates of a cache in Pathaway, especially when i'm out of cell coverage.
So, the question is if Pathaway supports such an URL scheme for exchanging data.

Greetings from Austria!

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