saving custom maps on a thumb drive?

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saving custom maps on a thumb drive?

Postby andregb1 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:41 am


I have been using PathAway Express for a few years and like it. It is stable and full featured. I recently purchased a thumb drive made by Sandisk called the iXpand and it plugs into the lightening connector on the iPad. I was wondering if the capability could be added to Pathaway to store (and use) the custom maps on the thumb drive. In other words, rather than store the custom maps in the built-in memory on the iPad, instead store the custom maps on the thumb drive and have PathAway be capable of reading and displaying the maps that are on the thumb drive, if that is technically possible.

The custom maps take up a lot of space on my iPad and it would be nice if they could be offloaded to the thumb drive.


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