Can't switch / see imported custom map

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Can't switch / see imported custom map

Postby andris » Wed May 10, 2017 5:48 pm

Dear PathAway Team,

could you please suggest something about the following issue.

I have imported into Express Ed. (iPhone) custom maps (PRC file from Anavasi).
The first one was imported and displayed OK (I could get in on screen by choosing from custom maps).
Alfter importing the second one (import completed with OK message), I tried to switch maps, but only the first one is available.
Even after "deletion" of previously loaded map, only the first one can be displayed (the second one simply is not visible/accessible).
After choosing it from custom maps, nothing happens (first map is shown), zoomings etc. also do not help.
Also I've turned off web maps, and the area of second custom map is shown blank (as if there is no map), only the firstly import is really visible.

Just in case I can send the map which I am unable to display (it's bought from official site, but just in case if there is any issue with id I can't detect).
I couldn't load it because of size restriction in the attachment section (zipped it is 15Mb large)

Could you please suggest what I'am doing wrong or how to avoid this and get several custom maps to be displayed / accessible?
Thanks in advance!

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