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World file support

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 7:08 am
by bleviton
I went ahead and purchased the Express version, largely on the basis of the advertised support for importing maps with World files.
If this worked the way I imagined, it would have provided a simple and easy way to get maps I create in QGIS into a usable app on my Android phone, better than my current system with OziExplorer.

So far I have unfortunately found this not to be the case.

First of all, I found map importing to be a two step process similar to that of OziExplorer, involving a calibration & conversion utility on the PC.

Secondly, that conversion utility (PathAway Map Manager) has a confusing interface, limited coordinate system and projection support, and an out of date help file. For example, there is no mention of world files in the help file.

What I've found through trial and error is that the world file is only usable if the map is set to un-projected, with latitude/longitude coordinates, when exporting the image from QGIS (which automatically generates a world file). The un-projected map is not very nice to look at or use. I couldn't find any way to use the world file when projection/coordinate system was UTM or Mercator. With Mercator I was able to calibrate by manually entering the lat/long coordinates for the top left and bottom right corners, but that's the kind of extra work I was hoping to avoid.

If I'm missing something, can someone please provide some steps? Thanks!