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the route and the active track should be different colours

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:10 am
by jose.r.senna
It should be simple to implement, really.
You should use different colours for the track or route I am trying to follow.
(which is usually something I preloaded before, either from wikiloc or somehing I recorded
on an earlier ocasion)
and the track that is being recorded, which is my actual present path.

There are 2 high visibility colors available, none of which are common in the background maps:
red and violet.
You should use violet for one and red for the other.
Then, a quick glance at the screen shows how off-path I am (how far and to which side red differs form violet).
The way it is now, red on red, the two are diffcult to distinguish.

Some of your competitors do make that distinction.