Connecting RoyalTek 3000 GPS with Bluetooth

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Connecting RoyalTek 3000 GPS with Bluetooth

Postby Clingel » Thu Mar 02, 2006 1:24 am

I've tried to connect with this GPS with Pathaway 3 and 4. But it didn't work. When I use Franson GPSGate inbetween, it works.
My PDA is a Qtek 2020, the GPS connects on Com5 and it works with TomTom 5, GPSDash2 and Franson GPSGate.

NMEA Mode in the default configuration for RoyalTek 3000 GPS
Degraded Mode=on
Elevation Mask=7.5
DOP Mask PDOP=40
SBAS Mode=disabled

Is there an solution?


PW and RBT3000

Postby PWguest » Thu Mar 02, 2006 6:55 pm

You can try this(PW3): GPSconfiguration - extended - select TIMER COMM

under certain conditions there may be a performance degradation. Example:
depending from mapsize and zoomfactor the display seems to be frozen for an unexpected long time but the program did not crash.

Another solution with a patch may work on the QTEK2020 without selecting TIMER COMM. For workaround details see

on page "OziexplorerCE" and select here under the download section
"PocketPC 2003 and Bluetooth Issues"

The patch and installation instruction you will find here

For my XDAii (similar QTEK2020), during installation of the patch, a new virt. COMport 7 was created. In PW3 this COMport has to be used and all worked fine with RBT3000.

Good luck

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