Using map convert for a lot of maps

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Using map convert for a lot of maps

Postby schmiedel » Mon May 16, 2005 7:38 pm


I have used the pwmapconvert tool to convert different maps and use them in my palm. However, I'm willing to use a set of maps that I have (about 120 maps of one area).

All the maps could be concatenated without error (imagine it's a 30000x36000 pixel image divided in a 10x12 grid). So, joining the whole thing is not really a good idea (too large image), and calibrating each one separately is also not a good idea (imagine to calculate 240 coordenates or to travel to pick up 240 points).

My idea is the following:

I have seen that pwmapconvert has some parameters to use a grid, but the documentation is not detailes enough to understand clearly how to use them.

My idea is to leave the gridsize blank (as I'm not dividing my currend image, I'm just assigning it a coordinate), and use the current grid in order to convert each of my images (A1, B1..... A8....H8 and so on in order to assign a coordinate to each map file I have). Obviously I would name all equally so PathAway understands it's the same map.

After that, I would calibrate with two waypoints of any of the maps and assume my whole grid is calibrated.

Will this work properly? If not, is there some other way to do such a big task without having to calibrate each piece?


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