Map calibration PUWG-92 system (metric grid)

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Map calibration PUWG-92 system (metric grid)

Postby ovocko » Sun Aug 27, 2006 8:58 pm

Hi, can anyone help me with that matter?

I have a map (some area in Poland) calibrated for GPS use, with standard PUWG-92. On the map specification are written following data:

"kilometer GPS grid in PUWG-92 system"
Longtitude of Origin: E 19 00,000'
False Easting: +0500000,0
False Northing: -5300000,0
Scale: 0.9993000

As far as I researched, I should use WGS-84 as map datum, with Transverse Mercator projection. I tried do do that, but, there is no possibility to enter calibration point coordinates in metric units - only degrees are allowed. What should I do to calibrate this map?
Recalculate Kilometers to degrees (how?), or do something else?

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