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Smart Zoom?

Postby zamzon » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:12 am

Like in the WM version, it would be quite useful in the android version, too, when the Web Maps would get displayed automatically (if they has been enabled or even already cached), when no .prc map data is available (+/- is white). This behaviour is very intuitive and avoids laborious enabling and disabling the Web Maps. It even might be a good idea to add Web Maps "between" .prc maps, when scale of them differs by more then factor x (adjustable).

In the Android version I have to first tap the Menu button and then 'Zoom map' or 'view' to select a (Web) map (or .prc).

The WM version has the "Select Map" Button directly in the Toolbar and zoom (change scale of) map on hardkeys and the Touchpanel. This is very flexible and powerful to find the right view and map.


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