PathAway GPS 4 - Professional Edition Released!

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PathAway GPS 4 - Professional Edition Released!

Postby Scott » Fri Feb 02, 2007 9:19 pm

PathAway GPS 4 - Professional Edition has now been released for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC platforms.
The release version is 4.00.57. Please check back on a regular basis as we are continuing to improve the software daily.

Professional Edition has all of the features of Standard Edition. In addition, PRO incorporates 2-way Tracking capabilities via Http and SMS (Simple Messaging Service). PathAway sends location information via internal Phone, or external Phone connected via Bluetooth.

You can send your location automatically or manually to other PathAway
PRO users, or to a tracking server. Use PathAway PRO to monitor positions of multiple users. Great for group travel, search and rescue operations, people tracking, or asset tracking.

Here is a brief list of the new features. Details can be found at

- Send My Location: (SMS capabiity or Internet connection required)
- Retrieve Remote Locations (SMS capabiity or Internet connection required)
- View Remotes on Map screen and special remotes split-screen
- Goto Next Remote, Goto Previous Remote. Centers map on Remote.
- Auto Center Remotes. This will cycle through all of the viewing remotes (Checked in the "Remote Locations" dialog.
- New Left/Right High/Low Directional Alarms:
- Custom Alarms can trigger external programs:
- Calculate a new Location by entering a distance and course from a starting location.
- Find Location by Street Address Lookup: (Internet connectivity required)
- New Find Location dialog is now a Wizard style to provide step-by-step assistance on finding the location you're looking for.
- Views of Distance Radials on Map.
- New preferences option "Backlight on while connected" allows you to force the backlight on or use the system backlight settings.
- Added New UI Elements including Reorganized Menus. Optional Text-based tools option for one handed control. (See View->Text Menus). Switch directional arrows between Zoom map, Scroll map, select item on map, and select dashboard item.
- GPS Status added as a Dashboard option.
- "Show Note" to Point Context Menu. Displays note text of waypoint. .Also, a 'T' icon will show on the Proximity Dash item. Click on the 'T' to show the waypoint Notes.
- Screens made square and widescreen aware.
- UI Screens now utlilize command key buttons. Primary buttons moved to bottom toolbar for devices Windows Mobile 5.0 + devices.

PathAway Map Manager
- basic support added for OZIExplorer .map and .geo import. Currently supports multi-point calibration in "dd mm.mmm" format. Open the map by bitmap name (ie. map.jpg) and PathAway will look for an associated .map or .geo calibration file.
- Map Manager, support for PNG, GIF and TIF files.

Experimental Feature: Web Maps

Designed for Phone Edition Pocket PCs, Web Maps allows you to download maps on-the-fly from a Map Server. Maps will be downloaded in the background and displayed on the screen as they complete downloading. Maps are cached, so downloading only needs to be done once. See Options->Web Maps Dialog to configure.
Note: WebMaps is considered to be an experimental feature provided at no extra charge. WebMaps downloads data from third-party Map Servers so availability of these maps may change at any time without notice. MuskokaTech provides no warranty or support of the quality of these maps.
Maps currently supported:
Google Maps: World-wide street and satellite maps.
Terraserver-USA Maps: USGA Topographic and aeriel photo maps. Covers USA only.

Testing Remote Tracking Feature:

If you would like to test the http tracking feature, you can utilize our test tracking server to send your location, then view the location on a Web page on your PC.

To do this, set the send address to:, and format to PathAway. Format options should be set to "Owner name" (owner name on your Pocket PC).

To see your location on a web page, on your PC, go to and enter your Owner name. You will be shown the location you sent on a Google Map.

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