PathAway Newsletter Sept 2002

Hello PathAway registered users,

PathAway GPS Navigation and Mapping Software for Palm  Powered  Handhelds has been improved once again. As you may know, we most recently have had a stellar response to the new version 2.0. Now version 2.1 is ready and even better. This version is now a mature and robust product, capable of handling the most challenging of tasks, whether for personal or professional use.  If you haven't purchased the software yet, now is the time! You will not be disappointed. As well, version 3.0 is on the Horizon, and we welcome your feedback and testimonials to make it even more compelling.

PathAway version 2.1

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MuskokaTech is pleased to announce the availability of  the new PathAway version 2.1. This version includes some highly requested new features, and modifications to improve the quality and reliability of the software. This version is a free upgrade for all current PathAway owners. Here are some new feature highlights:

  • Increased  capability of storing maps from 127 to approx. 8000   !! 
  • Fixed next point detection (was moving to next point too early). 
  • In "Distance to Next Point" Dashboard item, added name of next point in Route if it exists. 
  • Fixed crash on Simulate current track (with no route) .  
  • Added Track Intervals: 3, 5, 10, 20... seconds 
  • Added ability to toggle track compression on/off based on movement detection or course change. When off, a track log is recorded regardless of whether movement or change in course is detected.
  • Tracking preferences option added to specify minimum movement distance before recording a track point.  
  • Movement detection now includes vertical movement ! 
  • Track Naming changed to use leading 0's for dates (for sorting purposes) .  
  • 7 new  alarms added with longer duration +  built in alarm sound. 
  • Fixed crash when scrolling 1-bit maps on Palm OS 3.0 to 3.3 (Palm III, Visor, Palm V) .  
  • Fixed crash when downloading a route from GPS (with empty route list). 
  • Added Map name option to Dashboard. 
  • Added Vertical Speed display to Dashboard in metres/second or ft/second. 
  • Version 2.07 (July 31 2002)
  • Fixes to date stamp on tracks downloaded from Garmin GPS .  
  • Fixed GPS connection problem on NavMan . 
  • Fixed Delete Maps crash.


  • Fixed error in documentation of Command Line parameters for PathAway Database conversion tools. 
  • Now strips leading and trailing blanks in data fields .   
  • Added support for fixed field length data types. Source=FIXED, FieldLen parameter defines length of each field.

Highlights  and facts from the last year 

Pathway's customers are international, reaching over 30 countries and all continents.

Touratech-QV Desktop Mapping Software and PathAway partner to provide the complete navigation solution. Touratech QV translates PathAway to German and is in the process of translating PathAway to French and Czechoslovakian. Details at

May 2002 PathAway 2.0 was released. Many features were added in response to user feedback. Reception for this version was fantastic, with dedicated users responding with very positive accolades.

MuskokaTech enters partnership with and to provide an easy solution for map creation for flying and marine travel.

PathAway is being used for tracking race routes prior to the rally races, hikers download trail maps from the Internet to follow trails, others are following tracked routes while boating to find their way home in poor weather conditions. The product is also used by Paragliders, mountain climbers, ultralight and private pilots, canoeists, snowmobilers and more. If you're outdoors and going places, PathAway is there.  

Even professionals use PathAway in areas such as mapping/GIS, tourism, mining, military training, Surveying, site Inspection, telematics, field reporting and data collections, Security and Safety, Search and Rescue and more... 

MuskokaTech's software developer kits are being used by mapping companies for tighter integration between maps and PathAway.

Quick Tip

Did you know that Zip lock bags are a great and inexpensive way to waterproof your Palm?  

User quotes

 ***** 01-May-02 Dan Baker, Australia
PathAway is 'The' GPS program for the Palm, I am running it on a Clie N760C and the display of PathAway is truely brilliant! I would like to say that this program blows the competition away! There is more 'stuff' on here than I ever knew I could need! :)  

***** 23-Apr-02 by Mauricio Taslik (posted on PalmGear)
Version 2.0 is really excellent. Most of what I was missing in version 1.2 is now implemented: proximity alerts, extensive tracking parameter configuration (track bias), improved GPS reception feedback ... and enhanced map handling. General arrangement of data on the Palm display is neat and functional with its configurable dashboard.

 ***** 15-Apr-02 by Tony Nilsson, Sweden
The number of useful Palm/GPS software available is now: 1
I've been testing quite a few different GPS Navigation Software for the Palm, but PathAway is totally outstanding... The customer support is also beyond compare... My e-mail message was read, the problem was diagnosed and an ETA of the next version was sent to me in less than 4000 seconds.

The Future

We are now in the design phase for version 3.0, as well as some new products for specific partnerships.  As in the past we have enjoyed comments suggestion of what you are interested in seeing in the next version.

Keep on sending us feedback and testimonials! 

We love to hear what you're doing with PathAway, and what it is about the product that you find so appealing (or annoying).  This feedback continues to provide our development team with qualified information in understanding how the product is used by our customers, in order to improve the products for the future.

To send your testimonial /feedback, simply reply to this message with your story in the body of this message, or as a Word document attachment. Or send fill in our feedback form at


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