Notes on Windows Mobile SmartPhone

- The build for Windows Mobile SmartPhone has some differences in user interface from Pocket PC versions. Mainly, these have to do with the fact that SmartPhones do not have touch screens, and that there are certain User Interface components that do not exist in SmartPhone and as a result have been implemented differently.

Main Map Screens:

- The main screen does not have a toolbar, but instead utilizes a Menu and Tools command dropdowns. The Tools command contains the options found on the toolbar. These are Zoom, Add Point, Turn Alarms On/Off, select the directional key mode, etc.

- The 5 way directional keys can now be configured to be multi-purpose. They can be set to:
1. Zoom the maps (Up Down to go between layers of maps, and Left-Right to scale the map
2. Scroll the map
3. Select an item on the map. Press center key to select and bring up context menu.
4. Select a dashboard item to change its settings.

Keyboard Shortcuts

This build also includes some special short-cut keys to accomplish common tasks.

0(zero) or 'y': next directional key mode (goes through all modes).
1 or 's' Scroll map mode
2 or 'z' zoom map mode
3 or 'i' item select mode
4 or 'd': Dashboard select mode
6 or 'q' hard key 1
7 or 'e' hard key 2
8 or 'u' hard key 3
9 or 'o' hard key 4
'b' toggle toolbar
'f' toggle taskbar
'p' Pocket Mode

PocketMode Exit

Either left hard key then right hard key or 'Q' then 'P' or '1' then '3'

Issues working on:
- Need more responsive map scrolling. (right now still does a full redraw)
- Find Location (PRO) dialog not done.