PathAway GPS 4 - Professional Edition

SMS Send/Receive Formats

Destination Address Format:

Sending VIA SMS: Enter the phone number of the destination.

Sendig VIA HTTP: This option allows the location to be sent via HTTP POST or HTTP GET. To do this, enter the command such as "Post". The location parameters will be a part of the Get or post sequence with the format LOC=$PWS.

PathAway Location Format

PathAway sends the following sets of data in the SMS message. Each parameter is separated by a comma (,)

$PWS,version number, name, icon, color, UTCDate, UTCtime, latitude, longitude, elevation, speed, course, comment

Capability: Send and Receive

Item Definition:

$PWS: Message identifier

Version number: should be 1

Name: Owner Name of device of Tracking vehicle/person.

Icon: Name of Icon to use to display on screen. ie. 1 or Vehicles:Airplane

Color: Color to use for UI display. Hexadecimal RGB format. 00RRGGBB. ie. Black=0, White=00FFFFFF, Blue=000000FF, Red = 00FF0000

UTCdate: UTC Date of position, DDMMYY, ie. 14/04/06. (April 14, 2006)

UTCtime: UTC time of position, ie. 132530.50 (1:25 pm 30.5 seconds)

Latitude: Latitude in Decimal degrees. Greater than 0 is North Latitude. ie. 45.23453, -78.42453

Longitude: Longitude in Decimal degrees. Greater than 0 is East Longitude.

Elevation: Elevation in Feet

Speed: Speed in Nautical Miles per hour

Course: Course in decimal degrees. 0 to 359

Comment: A text comment.