PathAway GPS Professional Edition for Android


Please report all problems or suggestions via the Test Report form

- Release Notes - Description of changes made for the latest builds.
- Submit a Test Report - Send us feedback on any problems found while running the program. Also please send us feedback on what areas of the program you tested, how you found your experience with the program, and any suggestions you may have.

- Manual (Html) - Express/Professional Edition
- PathAway Tools Guide
- PathAway Map Manager Manual

- PRO Edition contains all the features of PathAway Express Edition plus advanced features such as Remote Tracking, Elevation Profile, PinPoint, Offline Webmap batch download, Turn Instructions, Map Calibration, and extensive configuarability.
- For devices running Android 2.2 or higher.

Installing with current Versions

If you are installing this version and have stable builds of other PathAway Editions and you wish to use your current maps and data, it is recommended that you make a copy of your /sdcard/PathAway folder. PathAway PRO will upgrade your database PathAwayAndroid.db so it may no longer work with other Editions (until they are updated as well).

Incomplete or Unimplemented Features

Some features still require some work. Please any bugs or suggestions.

New Design Highlights:

- New intuitive User Interface with tiled resizable and customizable tiled dashboard
- Easy slide out main menu for quicker access to all features.
- Tap and hold on Dash Item to move it
- Double Tap Dash Item modify its data and font size
- Modify the Dashboard style, location (Top, Right, Overlay), and color in Settings-Dashboard
- New Route Designer with optional Snap to Road/Trail, undo, redo. Adjust point location using precision nudge controls.
- Turn Toolbar Text On/Off in View-Map Display.
- Heading and Course Compasses now available for display on Dashboard.
- Toolbar main items now contain drop-down Quick Menus to provide the most common commands efficiently.

Purchasing: If you need a registration key now, PathAway PRO for Android pre-release is now available for purchase. Keep in mind the product is still pre-release so some changes will likely occur before the final release. Here are the purchase page links:
- Purchase PathAway Professional Edition for Android
- Upgrade to PathAway Professional Edition for Android

Distribution Build - PathAway Professional Edition for Android - Pre-Release

Build without diagnostics. This is identical to the distribution build. You can install this build over a distribution build without the need to remove the program from your device.

For TESTING purposes only
. Try this build before the Debug version.

Install Instructions:

APK File
- Tap on the APK file from your mobile browser to start the installation.

Zip File
- Download this file to your PC and unzip it.
- Copy the application package file to your device (.apk)
- On your device use the File Browser and tap on the .apk file to install it.