MuskokaTech Releases PathAway 3.0, GPS Navigation and Mapping Software for Palm Powered™ handhelds.

Breakthrough Software Enhanced to Provide Powerful new Navigation and Mapping Features for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Professionals.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 2003 MuskokaTech; a leading provider of handheld GPS-enabled software, today announced the release of the highly anticipated PathAway version 3.0, GPS Navigation and Mapping Software. This latest update offers new features designed to enhance the Palm® handheld  + GPS experience for it's current user-base, and extend it's market reach into the professional GIS sector.

The newest version, PathAway 3.0, takes advantage of the latest Palm OS® 5 capabilities, and works with the most popular GPS devices such as Garmin and Magellan handhelds, to Bluetooth, compact flash, and snap-on units. PathAway 3.0 adds the ability to zoom in and out by scaling maps on the fly. Maps can now be calibrated in their original projection and datum formats for pinpoint accuracy. UTM and OSGB positioning readouts are also now available. In addition, the new software supports the latest Palm OS® 5 enhancements with Hi-Res and Expandable screen support. User Interface has also been enhanced with the purpose to make the on-screen location information easier to read at a glance. For routing from location to location, PathAway 3.0 is adds Single Point Routing for quick navigation setup to single points.

"PathAway 3.0 is a monumental achievement for us," said Scott Northmore, President and Chief Architect at MuskokaTech. "The new features really make the product stand out from the traditional GPS handheld and from other competitive products." Scott Added, "No longer is the handheld simply the 'viewer' to pre-prepared information. PathAway 3.0 takes advantage of the new capabilities of today’s handhelds and provides features that allow users to perform ‘In-Hand’ location-based data management and map calibration.  This enables the user to make corrections and to add accurate new location details while mobile." 

"We've built a dedicated customer base, over the last three years, due to the clear advantage that PathAway has over traditional GPS navigational solutions." Says Scott. "PathAway is superior in the ease at which the user can capture, manage, and obtain their own maps, capture waypoints, record track logs, and follow routes. The ‘always on’ map view with the surrounding ‘pop-out’ info dashboard, and sophisticated database support, make managing of complex navigational data a breeze. When users' upgrade to a more powerful handheld, their software and data go with them. No need to learn a whole new device or to deal with complex porting issues. Today, with high-resolution and vivid color screens, huge capacity memory cards, and faster computing power, the advantages of PathAway is even greater."

Here is a list of some key new features added for PathAway 3.0. A more complete list is available at

PathAway 3.0 is available now at for only $49.95 US. Users can download a free 15-day trial version at Free email software support is provided to all users.

About MuskokaTech

Founded in 1999, MuskokaTech is a leading global provider of GPS navigational software for the mobile computing devices. The company's flagship product, PathAway GPS Navigation and Mapping Software for Palm Powered™ handhelds, is being used today for activities such as rally racing, hiking, boating, aviation, cyclists, motorcycle touring, ballooning, on and off-road navigation, scuba diving, fishing, hunting, paragliding, mountain climbing, ultra-light flying, canoeing, snowmobiling, athletic training, outdoor education and more.  Professionals use PathAway in areas such as mapping/GIS, tourism, mining, military training, Surveying, Site Inspection, Telematics, Field Data Collection, Security, Search and Rescue and more. MuskokaTech's developer kits are being used by mapping companies for tighter integration between maps and PathAway. PathAway is distributed internationally on and through partner web sites.

About PathAway GPS Navigation Software for Palm Powered™ Handhelds

PathAway software enables users to connect any compatible GPS device to their Palm Powered™ handheld, and convert their own maps for travel navigation. Maps are stacked by levels of detail and can be automatically displayed when the user enters the map bounding area. Maps can be calibrated on the device using captured location information from the GPS. This enables users to accurately make any necessary corrections to the map. Users also track their movements, follow routes, and record and recall points. Existing tracks and waypoints can even be transferred directly from the GPS device for use in PathAway.

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