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PathAway GPS 5
for Android Smartphones & tablets
PathAway GPS 5
for iPhone/iPad/iPod
PathAway GPS 5
for Windows
Mobile Handhelds
PathAway GPS 5
for Symbian Smartphones
PathAway GPS 4
for Palm Powered Handhelds


PathAway Support Forum
The PathAway support forum is the place to find answers to FAQs, ask technical questions, and share information with others. Please check out the forum before contacting our technical support staff. Click HERE to go to the PathAway Support forum.

Lost Registration key
If you have lost or forgotten your registration key then lookup your registration key here. This utility will search our orders database for your purchase order and will email your registration key to you. If the registration key lookup does not work for you, then click here contact us to retrieve your key for you.

Registration key does not work, did not receive a registration key, or other registration key problems
If you just purchased, and your registration key does not work, or you didn't receive one, or you have some other registration key problem, please click here and we'll help you resolve it.

Changed (or reset) device and registration key no longer works
If you have switched devices or performed a factory reset and your new Owner name, UID, or IMEI no longer matches the name you originally purchased with, you may be entitled to a replacement registration key. Click here to send us all the information required in order to provide a new key.

Contact Us
If you would like to make business contact, inquire about volume licensing, or you require direct email support for technical, or sales issues, please fill out the PathAway Contact Form.

Give us Feedback
We want to hear from you. We suggest providing feedback to share with others in the PathAway Forum. Otherwise, send us your feedback directly by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions about PathAway application, GPS support, and maps.
Note, this page is now outdated and has been replaced by the
PathAway Support Forum.

Search PathAway.com or the Web for Answers
Web PathAway.com

Data Conversion Tools

Map Converters: Now convert your maps to PathAway Palm format and extend your delivery platform to the Palm. Command line batch and Windows DLL map conversion tools are now available.

Waypoint/Route/Track Import and Export: If you have captured points, or created routes and tracks on your GPS device or software application, now convert for use in PathAway. Or convert PathAway points, routes, and tracks to text based character delimited format.


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