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PathAway GPS 5 for Windows Mobile 
*** RELEASED ***

PathAway GPS 5 Standard and Professional Editions for Windows Mobile have been
This exciting new version contains some powerful new features, and a redesigned User Interface which includes a "Finger Touch" mode to make interaction with the program easy while on the move. PathAway 5 is built for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Smartphone, Professional, Classic, and Standard.

Click Here to Download and try PathAway GPS 5
Note: This will not overwrite PathAway 4 installations.

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  Professional Edition $95.00 US
  Standard Edition $59.95 US
  Upgrade Price: $29.95 US

Here are a few of PathAway 5's new screenshots:

Transparent Dash

Transparent Dashboard

See more of the map, while displaying the stats you need.

Large Tool Buttons for easy selection while on the move.


"Finger Touch" Menus

Large Icon Menus for easy selection by Finger or stylus while on the move.

Transparent so you still have the full map view.

Modeless so you can still navigate while making selections.

Customizable "Favorites" menu for quick access to your most commonly used commands. Tap and Hold on a menu item to make it your favorite.


Manage Trips

Import GPX files and Retain all information from Points, Tracks, and Routes. Export them back out as GPX files for sharing with others.

Add and Remove data. Add by selection or drag and drop.

Activate a trip to use for navigation.

All new points, and track logs created while the trip is active will be added to the trip.


 Here's a list of some of the new features include:

PathAway GPS 5 Standard and Professional

PathAway GPS 5 Standard and Professional

  • New Transparent Dashboard. See the entire map even with a loaded set of Dashboard items.
  • New "Finger Touch" UI. Uses icon based drill down menus. Main navigation screen is always live while the transparent menu options are displayed. This is to allow the user to choose menu options while on the move and still see where they are going.
  • Profile View: Elevation and Speed Profile of current Route.
  • Increased performance and better responsiveiness- Fast screen refresh with background data processing. No need to wait for screen refreshes.
  • Scale Zoom In and Out: More responsive Zoom In and Out. More zoom increment levels.
  • Dashboard; Item Hide/Show now just hides the item (doesn't remove it completely, so you can simply "Show" it when you need to)
  • Dashboard XXL Font.
  • More Dashboard stats like Time/Dist (useful for timing sports and training activities, ie. 5 min per km).
  • Trip Management. Keep your Tracks, Points and Routes together for a specific Trip. Especially useful for Importing and Exporting GPX or KML files. Create Trips, Drag and drop Routes, Tracks, Point databases into a Trip file.
  • Start New Trip Wizard: Step by step setup of a trip configuration. Select and existing "Trip" to use or create a new one, choose route or track to follow, and setup track logging configuration.
  • Favorites Options for "Finger Touch" UI. Can Add any item to Favorites menu.
  • Point Info is now Html based. Basic info is implemented now. Richer formats will be added including imported html from GPX files.
  • More Compressed Maps: Create 8-bit maps using a customized color palette. Now create highly compressed maps without losing color quality.
  • Track and Route Info showing, total distance, time, and area.
  • Tracks/Routes/Point DB/Maps - Supports "Multiple Select" for Delete, Move To... commands.
  • "Add Point To Track" and "Add Turn To Track" added as options for Hard Keys.
  • New Grid Coordinates: MGRS, Swedish SWEREF99TM, Swiss CHRREF95, CH1903,Warschauer.
  • Pocket Mode Preferences options. Now there is an option to keep the screen on with the keys locked so you can pull the unit out for a quick progress check.
  • Language selectable from Preferences: In the Multilingual Installer, all available languages can be selected from the preferences in the program. The language option is also displayed on first-time startup. Included languages are English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Czech, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified and Traditional
  • Standard Edition gets some features previously only available in the Professional Edition:
    • Find Address by Internet Lookup.
    • Sync GPS time with device time.
    • Time and Distance Radials.
    • Record 3D fixes option for accurate tracking

PathAway GPS 5 Professional - Additional Features

  • Direct Garmin IMG (non-routeable) vector map support. Simply place the IMG file in a PathAway registered folder and it will display as an overlay on the raster maps.
  • WebMaps: Support for downloadable seamless maps.

*** Note: If you purchased PathAway 4 after May 1st 2008, then the upgrade to PathAway 5 will be FREE. *** 

About PathAway

If you work or play in the outdoors, PathAway is the companion to take with you.

For Outdoor Recreation: PathAway provides affordable navigational support for aviation, boating, automobile (on and off-road), hiking, cycling, touring, rally racing, motorcycle touring, ballooning, scuba diving, fishing, hunting, paragliding, mountain climbing, ultra-light flying, canoeing, snowmobiling, athletic training, outdoor education, geocaching, and more.
For Professional use: PathAway's powerful feature set makes it a great tool for mapping/GIS, mining, military mapping, surveying, site inspection, personnel training, education, telematics, field data collection, archaeology, security, search and rescue, asset management, agronomy, or any application where location is important.

Standard Edition Key Features:

  • GPS Navigation with most GPS Devices (including Bluetooth)
  • Import your own Maps using PathAway Map Manager
  • Intelligent Moving Map Display
  • Plan trips by creating point to point routes
  • Add Personal Points of Interest/Waypoints with notes, auto and pictures
  • Record and Follow your Tracks
  • Track, Multi and single Point-to-Point Routing
  • Navigation Warnings and Alarms
  • Elevation and Speed Profile View
  • Trip Management. Container for Tracks, Points and Routes.
  • Onscreen Trip Statistics on a Customizable Dashboard
  • Large Compass Display for position status at a glance
  • Map Projections, Grid, and Datum support
  • Import and Export of GPX, LOC and Delimited formats
  • Export of Google KML format
  • Transfer Data To and From GPS Devices

Professional Edition Additional Features:

  • Send/Receive Locations via SMS or Http protocol.
  • Monitor Remote Locations
  • Calculate Location by Vector
  • Directional Alarms
  • Custom Alarms can trigger external programs
  • Find Location by Street Address Lookup
  • Download WebMaps (Google maps or Terraserver) on-the-fly

Platforms Supported:

  • Windows Mobile 6 - Professional (Pocket PC Phone)
  • Windows Mobile 6 - Classic (Pocket PC)
  • Windows Mobile 6 - Standard (Smartphone)
  • Windows Mobile 5 - Pocket PC
  • Windows Mobile 5 - Smartphone
  • Windows Mobile - Pocket PC 2003
  • Windows Mobile - Pocket PC 2002 (SE up to PathAway GPS 4)
  • Palm OS 3.5 and higher (SE up to PathAway GPS 4 )

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