PathAway Newsletter July 2003
  Welcome to the August 2003 PathAway Newsletter. In this edition:

PathAway integrates Garmin iQue 3600 GPS

The long awaited Garmin iQue 3600 is finally here. And PathAway will now support it's internal GPS. Imagine, One device with all the capabilities to run PathAway! We're now in the testing phase of this implementation. If you've got your iQue, contact us to test Pathaway on it.


PathAway New Installation Wizard

PathAway GPS Navigation and Mapping software version 3.0  is now even easier to get started with. The new Setup install program lets you choose the components to install and will even place the proper files in your HotSync folder for one-button transfer to your handheld. The install also includes the release of PathAway Tools 3.0.

Install PathAway GPS 3 Now! (PathAway3Install.exe)

PathAway PC Tools 3.0 Released
( Included FREE as part of PathAway 3)

PathAway PC Tools have been updated to support the new features added to PathAway 3. The release version is now included with the PathAway 3 install program on the Download Page.

It's now easier to convert and calibrate your maps with the new and improved Map Manager.

Icon Manager adds Transparency support for your icons to give you a clearer view of your icons on your maps.

PathAway Map Manager 3.0
(click to enlarge)

PathAway Tools version 3.0 New Features:

  • PathAway Map Manager:
    • Shows resulting map in full window.
    • New Calibration panel format.
    • Map Projection Calibration support.
    • Map Datum and Ellipsoid support.
    • Calibrate by selecting known points on map by clicking points on the map, and entering the Longitude Latitude coordinates.
    • Faster loading time of existing PathAway maps.
    • Help File added for detailed assistance.
  • PathAway Icon Manager
    • Transparency support added. Select the transparent color for your icon.
    • Number of Icons per database limit increased to 256 icons.

Download the new PathAway Tools 3.0 today.

PathAway Partner Spotlight

GPS Utility provides management and manipulation of GPS information. GPSU can transfer data to/from Pathaway and store the data in PC files in one of several text formats. GPS information can be plotted as a map, or as map annotations in text or image form. GPS Utility is particularly useful for editing and splicing together track and route segments. Search patterns can be generated in either track or route/waypoint forms. Other tools allow you to analyze and average the GPS information.

GPSU can be used to transfer GPS data from a variety of other sources to and from PathAway. GPSU supports direct import of PathAway track, route, and waypoint databases. Export to PathAway is currently available for waypoint databases. Track and route export will be supported soon.

Click here learn more at the GPS Utility Web Site

PathAway Quick Tips

Use the Handheld Hard Keys to Quickly Connect/Disconnect GPS, or to Mark new Points.

When you're traveling, its not always convenient to pull out your stylus and make selections. Here are a couple tips on using the Hard keys for common commands:

Calendar button (or button 1) marks a new point at the current position. Press the key again to automatically select OK to accept the current settings. Great for grabbing points of interest or intersections as you fly by them. You can return to make edits to the points later when it's convenient.

Memo button (or button 4)
connects and disconnects your GPS. The first time you connect, the New Trip dialog is launched. Simply press this key again to automatically select OK to accept the current settings.

Click here for more tips in the PathAway 3 Manual

PathAway Usage Today - BOATING

I use PathAway for late night boating around the lakes in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, in my 21-foot power boat. I mount a Palm m505 plus NavMan GPS sled to the windshield. I use the Ontario-South Topo maps from Touratech-QV.

I often take my family visiting to other friend's places during the day, and leave late that night. There are many bays, inlets, and islands on the Muskoka Lakes, and navigation can be tricky, so I always record my track in the afternoon on the way to places. Then I follow the track home later that evening to verify my position.

PathAway really makes me (and my family) feel secure for that ride home.

Once, traveling home late, the weather changed to a rain storm. Along with being a dark night, it was blowing and raining quite heavily. Visibility was very poor. Taking it slow, and verifying position with PathAway regularly, we made it home safe. Thanks PathAway.

Unnamed User

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About PathAway 3.0

With PathAway 3.0, you can now zoom in and out by scaling maps on the fly. You can even calibrate maps in their original projection and datum formats for pinpoint accuracy. UTM and OSGB positioning readouts are also now available. Full Hi-Resolution and Expandable screen support for Palm OS 5 is also implemented. Having trouble reading your route lines at a glance? Now adjust the thickness and color of all tracks and routes for easy readability. Even choose different size, color, and style of current position marker. For routing, PathAway is even quicker to setup a target point to immediately route to with Single Point Routing.

Visit us at for all the PathAway 3 details

The PathAway Team