Mac Map Manager


by Mikko Harjanne

WARNING - This version may be unstable - Use with caution

PathAway Mac Map Manager
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PathAway Mac Map Manager

This program is a version of PathAway Map Manager for the Macintosh. This program was written by independant third-party developer Mikko Harjanne. All bugs and problems will be reported to Mikko who may respond directly to you or through us.Please use the Bug Report page to report problems or issues. Please note, MuskokaTech is not the author of this program and can provide no warranty as to it's quality or compatibility with PathAway.

There are some limitations compared to the Win version. There is currently no scaling of the image, and the colour depth and compression options are missing. Number of colours is currently fixed
to 256 and compression is always on.

There is no documentation yet, but the app should be quite easy to use with little experimentation. The application can be run anywhere, it does not require any installation.

When started, it displays an empty map window, and a shared inspector panel. The map window is
used to add calibration points (by double clicking) and changing them (by dragging). The inspector window is split into three tabs (General, Projection, Calibration), which are used to enter the
relevant data.

The program is Universal Binary, which means it will run on both PPC and Intel Macs.



Unzip into any folder and run.

Platforms Supported
- Mac PPC
- Mac Intel Architecture

  Downloadable Executables
      MAC Map Manager Zip File version 0.9e




Revision History

Version 0.9e - Sept 17 2007

- Fixed bug which froze the File menu when last window was closed
- More accurate positioning of calibration points.
- More robust handling on calibration points (previously problems when generating map with less than two CPs, or when CPs all overlap).
- Added colour depth and compression inputs
- Minor UI tweaks

Version 0.9d - May 29 2007

- Added a progress bar when opening big images - PRC creation no longer requires dummy calibration points
- some cosmetic improvement
- program now works in OS 10.3

Todo list:
- Customizable calibration points
- Remembering the locations where map image was loaded, and PRC saved.
- Highlighting in map view the calibration point currently selected in point list

Version 0.9b - May 8 2007

Warning: do not close all your map windows, as this will cause a hang. This will be fixed soon

- Fixed: drag an image from a browser to the map window loses images during a save.
- In the PRC saving, exporting should now work.

Version 0.9 - May 5 2007

- First Pre-Release

To be done: