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PathAway AndroidPathAway GPS 5
for Android Smartphones & tablets
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PathAway for Android - Overview

Global Positioning System (GPS)

PathAway navigation system uses satellite signals to determine your exact location, speed and direction of travel. PathAway uses the built-in internal GPS of the Android devices.

GPS is not required to use the software. You can still browse maps, create routes, and mark points on the map in offline mode.


- GPS support for devices with internal GPS receivers.
- Internal compass utlized when stationary or travelling very slowly.
- Customizable screens can display current location, elevation, speed, direction, plus navigational information such as distance,time, and direction to destination. Over 30 different display options available.
- Moving map centers on your current location.
- Record your track for later back-tracking, or reviewing the journey.
- Proximity notification displays points you are approaching, their distance away, and position relative to your direction of travel.
- Big Compass screen can show your most important information at a glance. Customize the Compass to suit your needs.


- Use online maps from OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, Google, and USGS Topos;
- Maps are downloaded on-the-fly as you travel;
- Maps can be cached for off-line use when connectivity is not available;

Create your own Maps for Navigation

- Prepare your own maps for use in PathAway, using the free Map Manager application. Scan your paper maps or get digital maps from CD ROM software, or web sites.
- Multi-resolution color support. (Grayscale, 256 color, and new high definition color).
- Zoom in-out between maps of different resolution.
- Scroll by dragging map with the stylus.
- Maps are highly compressed and can be any size and resolution that fits within your device memory.


- Capture and mark unlimited number of points and locations.
- Use long names and descriptions for easy recognition.
- Apply an icon to each point.
- Capture pictures or videos to attach to your points.
- Goto points on the map, or points along a track.


- Create routes by simply clicking points on a map, or by adding points from your Points database.
- Choose a recorded track to follow.
- Follow routes either forward or reverse (back-track). Great for finding your way home.
- Simulate (play) your route travel before you go.
- Determine your total distance and estimated travel time to destination. Time can be estimated by current speed, average speed, or a custom speed setting.


- PathAway can record your location at regular intervals as you travel with a GPS.
- The track line is displayed on the map as you travel.
- You can then reuse the track to follow at a later time.
- Time and distance are recorded in the track log, useful for accurate travel planning.

Screen Views

Full Screen Map View - Utilizes most of the screen to show as large a map area as possible. Long/Lat, speed, elevation, and direction of travel are displayed. This data is the “navigation” data in the program.

Tracking View - Shows the map and navigation data. Default travel stats are related to information specific to your current trip.

Route View - Shows the map and “navigation” data, plus full info for point proximity. As you approach a point, “Estimated time to next destination (ete)”, “Distance to” and “Course to” are displayed.

Compass View - Shows the navigation Compass and selected “navigation” data.
The Compass view is customizable. The screen can display data in a “Tiled” format, or a single Compass in full screen.

User Interface

- Preferences for distance and elevation units, course display, time estimation, proximity notification, map display detail, and track recording precision.
- Customiazable on-screen Dashboard surrounds the map view. Modify any of the 12 edges of the screen to pop-out to show desired trip info.

In-Hand Data Management

- Edit point, route, and track databases
- Import and Export between GPX, LOC, KML, and text delimited formats.




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