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Pre-Release Executables

Please Backup your critical PathAway databases.

Ie. In ActiveSync on your PC. Set your \My Documents folder as a Sync folder. Sync the folder, then copy all of the files in your My Documents\PathAway folder on your PC to another folder. If your databases become corrupted you can do a hard reset on your device, and copy the saved data to the My Documents\PathAway folder and Re-Sync.



Windows Mobile Installers - Install Program for PathAway.
WinMobile Executables Include: PathAway GPS 4 Professional Edition, Projection Libs, Sample maps and data.
Windows Executables Include: PathAway Map Manager, PathAway Icon Manager, Manual (PDF), (updated with every build)

Platforms Supported
- Windows Mobile/Pocket PC 2003
- Windows Mobile 5+ for Pocket PC
- Windows Mobile 5+ for Smartphone *
* See Notes on Windows Mobile Smartphone.

Not Supported
- Windows CE 2.x
- Windows CE.NET 4.0
- Pocket PC 2002
Windows Mobile SmartPhone 2003

    Downloadable Executables
      See Notes on Windows Mobile Smartphone.


Other Tools

  Tools for Map and Database Conversion, not included in regular install.
    PC Desktop Tools
      PWMapConvert.zip - Map Converter SDK with WinMobile map support. See PWMapConvertManual.html
      PWDBConvert.zip - Route/Track/Waypoint Database Conversion SDK. See PWDBConvertManual.html
      PathAway Data Transfer Utility: Windows wizard-style application to convert tracks, routes, and points easily from and to PathAway format. Easy transfer to your handheld.

Revision History

Version 4.00.89 - Sep 23 2008

- Fixed Folder Selection dialog (4.00.88 problem only)

Version 4.00.88 - Sep 3 2008

- Added SMS support for leadtek GPS tracker LR8M03
- Fixed Installer for extracting .CAB files to hard drive. Was selecting wrong CAB when choosing WM5.
- Fixed: Points Database Sort by Name.

Version 4.00.84 - May 28 2008

- Fixed: GPX Export Order of 'Ele' and 'time' corrected for full compatibility.
- Fixed: Satellite View not showing for receivers that report more than 12 sats
- Added: Remote Receive: Support for newer GPS Trackers (gc-101)

Version 4.00.83 - Apr 30 2008

- Added: Hard key mapping for Magellan MobileMapper
- Fixed: Can now delete write protected maps.
- Added: Load a map by selecting it from File Explorer

Version 4.00.82 - Apr 7 2008

- Fixed: Smartphone "Find Location" buttons.
- Fixed: Landscape About screen not showing contact info.

Version 4.00.78 - Jan 11 2008

- Fixed: Odometer wrong when no track log used (from 4.00.76)
- Fixed: Delayed screen response when moving less than 2 mph
- Fixed: Google street maps.
- Fixed: Distance radials using Time Radials settings
- Added: File Association for GPX files. Automatically import GPX to PathAway on select GPX from File Manager.
- Fixed: Folder Select Menu for WebMaps Cache folder

Version 4.00.77 - Dec 12 2007

- Fixed: "Windows Mobile GPS" GPS Connection for some Windows Mobile devices upgraded from WM5 to WM6. Known affected devices: HTC P3300, Glofish M600, T-Mobile MDA Vario III.
- Fixed: Adjust Location broken is 4.00.76

Version 4.00.76 - Nov 29 2007

- Fixed: Installer occasionally attempted to install wrong platform

Version 4.00.74 - Oct 25 2007

- Fixed: Calculate Speed/Couse not being saved (4.00.72)
- Fixed: Projected/known point calibrated maps were changed to "top-left bottom-right" when entering the Map Details dialog.
- Added "Albers Equal Area" projection.
- Added "Kertau 1948" datum
- Fixed: Checkboxes not working in Maps dialog (4.00.72)
- Added: Enabled/Disabled Data and Maps now retained when Cards are removed. (Ie. this info is now stored on the same card as the data.
- Fixed: Address Lookup not working (4.00.72)

Version 4.00.72 - Sept 26 2007

- Various Improvements for Windows Mobile 6.0 and Smartphone.

Version 4.00.71 - Sept 9 2007

- Improved: Map Calibration using Nudge controls and 3point editing controls.
- Added: Map Calibration: Rotate calibration by left and right angle
- Added Data Transfer Utility and PWDBConvert: Support for import multiple types in single GPX files.
- Added GPX import: Support for additional tags such as " symbols and extra geocaching tags.

Version 4.00.70 - Aug 28 2007

- Fixed: Icons not showing in Select Point dialog.
- Added: Device only, Support for import multiple types in single GPX files.
- Fixed: Set Distance in Kilometers, Distance Radials still plotted in Naut. Miles.
- Added - Editting of Projection Parameters on Windows Mobile.
- Fixed: 3pt calibration dialog reappearing after closing then changing screens.
- Fixed: Send Log info being added to GPS Log
- Added - Map Manager-PWMapConvert. Support for OZI maps Transverse Mercator projection with only 2 calibration points

Version 4.00.69 - Aug 15 2007

- Added - Detection of External Media Insertion/Removal. On a media card change PathAway will now load and unload maps and data automatically.
- Added - Options/Preferences/Tracking: Record 3D fixes only
- Added: GPS Accuracy reporting to dashboard: PDOP, HDOP, VDOP, and Track PDOP, HDOP, VDOP.
- PRO Added: PDOP, HDOP, VDOP, Accuracy, added to track log and GPX export.
- Added: Total Distance, Area info to "Details" dialog for Routes/Tracks
- Modified PocketMode. To address devices with only 2 hard keys, PW will nowexit Pocket mode with any combinations of 2 hard keys. For Keyboard devices, 'Q' followed by ''P' will exit Pocket Mode, or '1' then '3'..
- Fixed: Track/Route occasional rendering problems.
- Fixed: Not saving "Enabledand transp mode flags when a large number of tracks/routes/maps/point databases are installed.
- Fixed: Point Details- Show on Map menu option not working
- More improvements on SmartPhone version. inc. backspace and Clipboard support for text
Data Transfer Utility:
- Fixed: GPX Create Tracks, Routes.

Version 4.00.67 - June 28 2007

- Fixed: Route Insert and Add to Start problems.
- Added: Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone build. Includes optimized user interface for Smartphone. See Notes on Windows Mobile Smartphone.

Version 4.00.66 - May 31 2007

- Improved: Hard Keys for Zoom now do not repeat on press and hold. Now next Zoom is initiated for each button press.
- Fixed: Saving options: GPS Log filename, Selected Sentences, maximum log size
- Fixed: Program hangs when using a route that ends where it starts and using Manual Route Advance.
- Added: Manual Route Advance. At the end of the route, Advance will ask if you want to go to the start of the route.

Version 4.00.65 - May 3 2007

- Fixed: Send Point Database to GPS for Garmin Etrex/GPS 76.
- Added: 19200 baud rate.

Version 4.00.64 - Apr 17 2007

- Added: Map Manager now gets the registered folder names from ActiveSync.

Version 4.00.63 - Apr 11 2007

- Fixed: Windows Mobile GPS Protocol. Pulsing of Red-Fixed bars on GPS Sky view.
- Fixed: Windows Mobile GPS Protocol. Displayed 2d fix when there was a 3D fix..
- Fixed: Reading maps with high-byte (accent) characters in the filename.
- Improved: Map Conversion 8-bit Color conversion. (esp yellow shades). PWMapLib.dll
- Added: Pace, note info on dialog when "Current Route" is set as the Pace by Type.
- Changed: Pace type name from "Elapsed time", to "Total time".
- Added: Pace, Target Speed Calculation. Option to "Recover by end of Route". Means the Target speed will be set to the average speed you must maintain to reach the end of the route at the target time.
- Added: Ability to have more than 4000 characters in the Note Field. Now limit is 15,000 characters.
- Added: New NMEA GPS Logging options including: ability to set the name and folder of the LogFile; remembers GPS Log setting on startup; option to log only selected NMEA sentences; Option to only log data when there is a GPS fix.
- Map Import (Map Manager and Conversion tools. 1000% speed improvement of map import when importing 8-bit maps to 4 or 8 bit colors.

Version 4.00.62 - Mar 15 2007

- Added: Remote Tracking Prefs ->Retrieve: Enable on Startup. By default now, automatic retrieval is disabled on program startup. This option will force Automatic Retrieval to be enabled on program startup.
- Fixed: Toolbar not being hidden when 'Show Toolbar' is unchecked.

Version 4.00.61 - Mar 8 2007

- Added: KML (Google Earth) Export support on PDA and PWDBConvert.
- Added: Ability to send location without requiring a GPS fix. This feature is available only for PathAway format send. When received by PathAway, the location will have a '*' beside the label indicating it is not a GPS location.
- Added: Moved Time Radials to separate preferences section titled "Radials". Added Distance Radials setting.
- Added: Options->Preferences->Pace. New option for performing "Target Speed calculation". Options are: Recover speed by fixed distance, or recover by end of route.
- Added: setting of the Registry to for Google maps. The settings are located at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MuskokaTech\PathAway GPS 4
The setting for Street map version is GoogleMap_v
The setting for Satellite maps is GoogleSat_v
These are the only settings that should ever need to be saved.
Note: the GoogleMap_Version setting is set by PathAway when it changes the Google map settings, so when you update the program, your settings will be overwritten if the program is updated and the Google settings have changed.

- Fixed: TTQV 3x3 maps. If you select "Edit Details" and change the Transportation Icon, and press OK, then all of the calibration data is gone from the map.
- Fixed: Proximity Icons not always displaying correctly.
- Fixed: Toolbar not redrawing properly when screen rotated to landscape (WM5)
- Fixed: Color of Distance Radials. Label now displays on right side (opposite of time radials)
- Fixed: GPX, LOC output, timestamp using '.' between min-seconds, not ':'
- Fixed: Add Point not including a datestamp
- Fixed: GPX export, <Desc> using <name> field.
- Fixed: GPX export, removed <type> field. Unnecessary.
- Fixed: OZI .map import, coordinates would be wrong if there are extra spaces in the cal file between lat and long.
- Icon Manager: Fixed Transparent Color not being checked in the menu.
- Icon Manager: Fixed On Exit, now asks to Save, if the icon transparency changed.

Version 4.00.59 - Feb 12 2007

- Added: GPX and LOC format Export for Points, Tracks, and Routes (Database->Export... ). On Handheld App only.
- Export to PathAway format, now includes commad delimited fields for Sound, Picture, and Link fields.
- Added Miller Cylindrical Projection

Version 4.00.58 - Feb 7 2007

- Send My Location now works when GPS Fix acquired.
- Proper PRO Manual now included in full installer.
- Export Points now exports sound and picture data to comma delimited file.

Version 4.00.57 - Feb 1 2007
- Added another Croatia datum (differs from CRTNGZone1-7)
- Cleaned up SMS Retrieve settings dialog
- Added: Garmin Upload: Support for new Garmin Point naming allowing upper and lower case and spaces in names.
- Fixed: Remote Tracking View, ID shown not the Label
- Added: SMS Receive for TrakGPS, $GPRMC, and $GPGGA. Must Reset device before installing. The PWMsgRule.dll needs to be released and reiinstalled.
- Added: Quick refresh when using Google maps and map view not changed. Ie. when dropping menus down.

Version 4.00.55 - Jan 20 2007
- Fixed "Get From GPS", New Point Database crash..
- Fixed: Windows Mobile GPS protocol for HTCP3300 (and equiv)
- Fixed "Preferences->Hard Keys", menu items not displayed in dropdown list.
- Fixed: Find Location, Find start of track, route
- Fixed: Custom Alarm sounds causing crash.
- Added: Professional Edition User Manual
- Added: Upload data support for Garmin X-Series (Includes 60CSX)
- Finished Find Location dialog (Navigate to Point checkbox)
- Added Croatia (CRTNGZone1-7) datum
- Changed "Goto Location" to "Find Location".
- Added "Set clock to GPS time": When connected to the GPS, the device system time is compared to the time reported from the GPS. If the device system time is out by more than a minute, then the internal system clock is changed to match the GPS time.
- Fixed: Point DB Context menu - Edit Details...
- Fixed: GPS Advanced - select Bits dropdown crash on Palm.
- Added: Add Point: Remember last icon selected, so this icon is filled in as the default for future icons.
- Added: to "Remote Settings..." "Log Remote Data Transfers" checkbox. When on, Remote Send and receive will be output to Log Files in \My Documents\PathAway. Send log is PathAwaySendLog.txt, Receive log is PathAwayReceiveLog.txt
- Added: Select Map using Directional Keys. An Arrow Pointer is displayed, move pointer to location on map and press 'center select' (or OK/Return) to call up context menu.
- Added: Dashboard General Info: Data Received, Data Sent. Displays amount of data sent and received over Http.

Version 4.00.54 - Dec 22 2006

- Added: Remote ID Info. Added "Label" option to set a different label then the ID returned by some tracking servers. "Name" changed to "ID".
- Fixed: Unable to get a context menu from Proximity View. (50+)

Version 4.00.53 - Dec 15 2006

- Fixed: Insert Route Point between pt1 and pt2 was inserting after pt 2
- Fixed: Storing of new Alarm configurations
- Fixed: Route view not showing data if Remote View had been shown
- Added: "Account name" in "Remote Format Settings". This name is used for the account name, so the Remote ID can be used to retreive a single remote, or all remotes if left blank.

Version 4.00.52 - Dec 11 2006

- Added: Text and Background Color for Remote Item labels.
- Added: Edit Remote Item: Text and Background Color settings.
- Added: to Remote Labels Dist, course and Altitude from. Note 123/ means remote is Above your current altitude, 123\ means remote is below you. - Added: Remote Map View. Lists all Remotes and their proximity.
- Fixed: Send crash using NMEA formats.
- Added: Views of Distance Radials.on Map. See Map Display... settings
- Added: Calculation Location by Distance and course from a start location. See Goto Location Calc... and Point Edit Location, Calc...

Version 4.00.51 - Nov 29 2006

- Fixed: Map or Database, Move to... required restart before moved map/database would show.
- Added: PathAway Map Manager, basic support for OZIExplorer .map and .geo import. Currently supports multi-point calibration in "dd mm.mmm" format. Open the map by bitmap name (ie. map.jpg) and Pathaway will look for an associated .map or .geo calibration file.
- Added: Goto Next Remote, Goto Previous Remote. Centers map on Remote.
- Added: Concept of Active Remote.(not to be confused with Follow Remote (unimplemented). Active Remote is the current (or last) remote the screen was centered on. Goto Active Remote centers map on this remote.
- Added 'Auto Center Remote'. This will cycle through all of the viewing remotes (Checked in the Remote Locations" dialog. The setting is fixed to 10 second intervals (dialog to change this is coming soon). Note, this function disables when you are connected to a GPS.

Version 4.00.50 - Nov 24 2006

- Added: New default colors for Remotes.
- Added "Enable Remote Tracking" to Remote menu. This will toggle the automatic send/retrieve of locations
- Changed - display of "location send successfull" to 2 seconds from 5.
- Added: No New locations received, when all Remotes are up to date.

Version 4.00.49 - Nov 14 2006

- Added Datum "Rijksdriehoek.
- Added New UI Elements including Reorganized Menus. Text-based menu option for one handed control (not all items implemented yet)
- Added: Switch directional arrows between Zoom, Scroll and (soon select item and select dashboard)
- GPS Status added as a Dashboard option.


Version 4.00.48 - Oct 27 2006

- Database Info: Fixed Transportation Icon display and storage.

Version 4.00.47 - Oct 17 2006

- Fixed: GPX Import, name losing last character
- Added: "Show Note" to Point Context Menu. Displays note text of waypoint. .Also, a 'T' icon will show on the Proximity Dash item. Click on the 'T' to show the waypoint Notes.
- Fixed: Memory Leak in Compass View

Version 4.00.46 - Oct 5 2006

- Added: GPS Fix lost alarm now also triggers when communications to the GPS device is lost.
- Fixed: PocketMode backlight would turn on if a key is hit and prefs are set to "keep backlight on".
- Added: Windows Mobile 5.0 only: New GPS Communications Protocol "Windows Mobile GPS". This protocol uses the the Windows Mobile Intermendiate GPS Driver to obtain GPS Information. This is now the default and recommended protocol for WM5 handhelds. Using this protocol GPS connections can be shared with other applications. Note, the Start->GPS Settings->Access" "manage GPS automatically setting must be turned on for this protocol to work. This problem also resolves a crash using NMEA + COM when the device is turned off while the GPS is connected. Note, with this setting, the port, baud and other communications settings are not used.

Version 4.00.45 - Sep 22 2006

- Fixed: Route Insert Point inserting in wrong posn if pt is too close to prev point in route.
- Added: Map Manager, support for PNG, GIF and TIF files.
- Added: Online Address lookup.
- Added: Auto Connect to Web for Http commands for WM5
- Fixed: PPC 2003 SMS Receive Location. May require a soft-reset of device. WM5 untested.
- Added: Auto Connect to Web for Http Location send and Web Map download. (WM2003)
- Fixed: changing settings "stay on" or "keep backlight on" no longer require disconnect/reconnect from GPS.

Version 4.00.43 - Aug 16 2006

- Fixed: Proximity Defaults Inverted.
- Fixed: Off track alarm only work if proximity alarms are On.
- Added; TerraServer-USA WebMap support. See Preferences->Web Maps
- Fixed: Circle to Next would only show if Line to Next was activated.
- Fixed: German version: Buttons missing on WM5 devices
- Added: New preferences option "Backlight on while connected" allows you to force the backlight on or use the system backlight settings.
- Fixed: The backlight turning on while in Pocket mode.
- Fixed: Route Move Up/Down error.
- Added: Send Format Options (...) button to SMS Send Preferences. This sets the Owner ID to use for transmission. It can be Device Owner name, UID, or a custom name.

Version 4.00.42 - Aug 4 2006

- Fixed: Stay on when Connected was not working for some Pocket PCs (iPAQ 6500s, Loox 520)
- Added: rtept tag added to GPX,LOC importer
- Fixed: HP IPaq 6500 series: Camera Capture support added
- Added: WM iPAQ Camera Capture - Image now rotates properly to portrait
- Added: Better Enumeration of Storage cards.
- Fixed: When Track log disabled, Track log point was added on disconnect
- Fixed: Route Simulator attempted to connect to GPS
- Added: Error report when failed download map tile.

Version 4.00.40 - July 7 2006

- Fixed: Cross-hairs not showing when no route and not connected to GPS.
- Added: Send Location: Added Send frequency "Distance from Start". This will send the location based on the distance interval from the starting location. Ideal for situations when travellers are departing from and returning to the same location. Tracking indicates how far the unit is from the start.
- Added: Send Location: Added ability to send via HTTP POST or HTTP GET. To do this, enter the command "Post http://webaddress.com/somethingelse". The location parameters will be a part of the Get or post sequence with the format LOC=$PWS.. (see updated SMS Send/Receive Format )
- Added: New Experimental Features. Pace and Web Maps. These features are for experimental purposes only. You are welcome to try them out and provide feeback.
- Pace: Pace allows you to define a certain pace that you are trying to maintain, and PathAway will monitor your travel, and display your pace time and distance information on new dashboard items. Set the Recover Distance, and PathAway can tell you the required speed to travel at for the specified distance in order to catch-up to the desired pace. See the Preferences->Pace Dialog.
Note: Pace by Current Route is not implemented yet.

- Web Maps: Designed for Phone Edition Pocket PCs, Web Maps allows you to download maps on-the-fly from a Map Server. Maps will be downloaded in the background and displayed on the screen as they complete downloading. Maps are cached, so downloading only needs to be done once. See Preferences->Web Maps Dialog to configure.
Note, only Google Maps are currently supported.

Version 4.00.39 - June 22 2006

- Fixed: Crash after viewing Satellite Sky view or Data view screens.
- PWDBConvert PWDBLib.DLL: Fixed: Send track to Windows Mobile was not encoding Distance and time between points, so time/distance to next was not working.
Fixed: Occasional loss of Sat Data using NMEA protocol.

Version 4.00.38 - June 14 2006

- Fixed: Sony HiRes Font Size
- Added: Connect GPS/Disconnect GPS on hard key. Now works the same as the toolbar GPS icon. If the map has been dragged while connected. the GPS hardkey will restore to the current location instead of disconnecting GPS

Version 4.00.36 - June 2 2006

- Fixed: Highlight closest point "Heading To"
- Added: Export Database feature from Track/Route/Point Database
- Fixed: WM 5.0 VGA screen, hidden top dashboard.
- Fixed: Insert Route Point not getting inserted at correct position in route.

Version 4.00.35 - May 24 2006

- Fixed: Zoom From Map to Virtual map, scale fixed.
- Fixed: Some Projected Map types not initializing for Zoom in/out properly

Version 4.00.34 - May 12 2006

- Fixed: Off-Track Warning Alarm not sounding
- Improved: Odometer Accuracy improved. Not incrementing by GPS error when "GPS calculates Speed/Course. When tracking is On. Odometer is calculated based on track log points.
- Added: More screens made square and widescreen aware.

Version 4.00.33 - May 2 2006

- Fixed: Pocket Mode backlight turning on when a hard key is pressed.(PPC only)
- Fixed: Taskbar hide, Taskbar not hidden on startup. (PPC Only)
- Added: For Golfers, Set Prefs->General, Elevation units to Yards to show short distances in yards.
- Added: SMS Send via Distance Intervals.

Version 4.00.31 - Apr 21 2006

- Fixed: Compass View: Time/Dist not updating if "route to point".
- Added: PWDBWMConvert command <ImportToPWT>

Version 4.00.30 - Apr 5 2006

- Fixed: Route point Move Up/Down not working.(PPC only)
- Added: Clear button for Point Edit->Picture.
- Fixed: Round-off display problem for Proximity Points
- Fixed: Track Display problem when moving between 2 maps of same resolution.
- Fixed: "View" Menu, checkbox when Compass, GPS Sky and Satellite Data View selected.
- Added: Point View: Icon now shown before Point name in list. (PPC only)
- Added: "Goto->Location" button "Add to Route".
- Added: Swiss Datum CH-1903 to ProjLib.

Version 4.00.29 - Mar 23 2006

- New Hard Key Options: (set in Preferences
    - Capture Picture Point (for devices with supported Cameras).
    - Toggle Full Screen
    - Last View Screen
- Fixed Anavasi Map crash.
- Fixed: Tracks not refreshing when using Nudge Controls
- Dash Proximity Display with Pictures and Sound. Icons now show to right of text. Click on Icons to play sound or show picture.
- Fixed error in NZMG display.

Version 4.00.28 - Mar 14 2006

- Fixed: Speed Precision not saving
- Fixed: GPSMap 60/276 data download problem
- Map Manager: More info on Known Points Calibration Types

Version 4.00.27 - Mar 7 2006

- Fixed: On device, Calibrate by 3 or more pts not always saving properly

Version 4.00.26 - Mar 3 2006

- Fixed: Details showing wrong point.
- Fixed: WM5 hardkeys 5+ now work while Pathaway is active
- Fixed: Custom speed not saving decimal speed values.

Version 4.00.25 - Feb 22 2006

- GPX/LOC Import - Sets Icon to match type
- Fixed: Map Manager/Icon Manager crashes.

Version 4.00.24 - Feb 14 2006

- Fixed: Track Display problem
- Fixed: Calibrate 3 pts: Mark point not showing when converted from 2 pt conversion

Version 4.00.23 - Feb 10 2006

- Fixed: Time setting error with GPS active and Timezone set to System
- Added: Add rte, pte from context menu will no longer move the current position to the place of the added point.
- Fixed: Splash screen in VGA mode.
- Fixed - Send My Location not showing up.
- Fixed: Add Point… -> Add to Route… button, Fatal Error.
- Added: In Compass view, Options->Maps->Show, now goes to Map Screen, not Compass

Version 4.00.22 - Feb 6 2006

- Added: New Default Alarm Sounds
- Fixed: Alarm not sounding for turns
- Fixed: Default distance settings for Alarms.

Version 4.00.21 - Jan 25 2006

- GPS Fix Lost Alarm: Will now sound after 10 seconds of no fix. Avoids constant beeping in poor connectivity states.
- Fixed: Copy DB to Card: Data not showing after copy.
- Fixed: Point List->New, now adds to current Point DB, not default one
- Added: Copy Databases and Maps. Can now copy between registered folders

Version 4.00.20 - Jan 13 2006

- GPS Configure: Displays more descriptive names for COM ports.
- Windows Mobile 2005 build supports WM5 Camera Capture and Picture Selection Dialog

Version 4.00.18 - Dec 23 2005

- On-screen North Arrow, larger, white border.
- Fixed. Auto Rotation when connected not rotating when first set prefs.
- Fixed: Overview Map not displaying and corrupting screen.
- Fixed: NoMap Zoom In/Out going to wrong scales

Version 4.00b17 - Dec 16 2005

- Fixed: Grid Display Datum Conversion failing.
- Fixed: Zooming from map to nomap - setting wrong scale

Version 4.00b14 - Dec 6 2005

- Fixed: OSGB TMerc Projection failing.

Version 4.00b13 - Dec 2 2005

- Fixed: Pocket mode now turns off screen.
- Map Manager - Fixed Calibration type change getting lost if a KNown Point or 3x3

Version 4.00b12 - Nov 29 2005

- Fixed: Point List, ETA Direct. Shows correct time estimate
- Fixed: On Deactivate. Reliqush control of Hard Keys.
- Fixed: possible corruption caused by Context Popup menu.

Version 4.00b11 - Nov 25 2005

- Added: Map Manager, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom Fit and Actual Size views.
- Added: Map Manager, Export Calibration file.
- Fixed: World map display off
- Fixed: Context Menu corruption/crash

Version 4.00b10 - Nov 23 2005

- Added: New Coordinate Grid Quebec-MTM, MGA, GGRS87, Swedish Grid, Irish grid, Israel Grid (untested)
- Added New Datums: RT90, GD94, EGSA87
- Fixed Large size Icons not showing (PPC)
- Fixed: World map display off
- Fixed: Crash selecting list dropdowns in "Points View"
- Added: Show Picture, Play Sound in "Point Details" dialog

Version 4.00b09 - Nov 10 2005

- Added: Full Screen Compass View. Switch between Tiled and Full View
- Fixed: Satellite Data View display.

Version 4.00b08 - Nov 4 2005

- Fixed: Satellite Data View crash when not connected.
- Fixed: World Map not showing
- Added: Garmin Data Transfer for GPSMAP 276C and 60C
- Fixed: Map display for TTQV 3x3 maps with Datums other than WGS84
- Fixed: Satellite Data View Screen layout (PalmOS only)

Version 4.00b07 - Nov 2 2005

- Added New View Screens. GPS Sky View, Satellite Data View, and Compass View.

Version 4.00b06 - Oct 13 2005

- Added: Option Add/Subtract fixed value to manually correct GPS elevation error.
- Fixed: Map Calibration Error starting up first time. (3x3 and Projected)

Version 4.00b04 - Oct 6 2005

- Fixed SMS Receive and launch PathAway
- Added: Save SMS Receive info to Database

Version 4.00b02 - Sept 30 2005

- Fixed crash on startup of iPAQ PPC2003 (1st edition).
- Fixed Sending SMS Location even when in Manual send mode.

Version 4.10.01 - Sept 27 2005

- First Pre-Release

To be done:

PathAway WinMobile

- Automatic PathAway DB File list refresh on Card Change.
- Beam
- Multiple Select processing in Data List Selections.
- Transportation Mode Icons and Settings
- Points - Sort