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MuskokaTech Privacy Statement

MuskokaTech's goal is to completely satisfy our customers with products and services of the highest value. Information you provide us online can help us to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. At the same time, we have a deep respect for personal privacy and wish to use such information only for your benefit.

This statement explains our practices concerning the collection and use of customer information. Practices may change over time as we consider new technologies and customer needs. Any changes will be posted here. However, our desire to satisfy you and maintain your trust will never change.

This Privacy Statement explains the following:

- What information we collect online
- What types of information we do not collect
- How we use the information we collect
- How we use e-mail
- How you can update your preferences
- How to contact us

What information we collect online
We require only the information needed to process your order or register your product. Some forms might also request optional information such as address or individual preferences.

By choosing to provide requested optional information, you allow us to provide more effective technical support, surveys or subsequent product notices and information that we believe will be of value to you.

What types of information we do not collect
Unless you download a product, place an order, register a product or use a service provided by the MuskokaTech Web site, MuskokaTech does not collect or know your name or e-mail address. MuskokaTech does not follow your browsing activity outside of our site.

In order to continually improve our Web site, we do study how people use it, and which areas are popular and more meaningful. We may collect aggregate information site-wide, including site usage statistics and transaction information. Please keep in mind that such information is analyzed only in aggregate and is not personally identifiable.

How we use the information we collect
We use required information, as the case may be, to process your order or to register your MuskokaTech purchases so that we can provide appropriate support. Customer information also contributes to the development of new or improved products or services.

If you provide your e-mail, postal address or phone number, we may use them to communicate with you, but we will not do so if you don't want us to.

MuskokaTech greatly values you as a customer and respects your interest in your personal information. We are not in the practice of selling or renting names or other identifying information to outside parties. Under no circumstances will your personal information be shared with a third party.

How we use e-mail
MuskokaTech e-mails you your online order confirmation. We will only contact you with regards to an order that you have made.

If you filled out our contact or product download form and specified you would like to receive our newsletter, then we occasionally send e-mail notices of upgrades, special offers and new product announcements. We may also solicit your input on new products or feedback on existing ones. You may remove your name from our e-mail list at any time by following the "Unsubscribe" instructions at the bottom of any e-mail message from us. You will continue to receive e-mail order confirmations.

How to contact us
If your question or concern is specifically about privacy, please fill in the contact form here.

We welcome your comments and are always glad to answer your questions. See Contact Us.


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Privacy Statement
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