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PathAway GPS 5
for Symbian Smartphones
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PathAway GPS 5 - Express Edition for NOKIA/Symbian

Latest updates:

Current Release:
Read the Release Notes for information on what's in the latest updates.
Check out the PathAway Support Forum for questions, and to share information and experiences.

Minor Update policy: All releases of versions from 5.00 to 5.99 are Free for PathAway GPS 5 - Express Edition owners. Simply download and install over your current version.
Major Upgrade policy:

There are no upgrade options available for this product.

Symbian OS Compatibility:

Series 60 3rd Edition - All Editions
Series 60 5rd Edition - All Editions
Nokia Symbian^3, Anna, Belle

Languages Included in Multilingual Build
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Swedish, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified and Traditional.
Technical and Sales Support All support for the product is done through our online Forum and via email on our Contact web page. Support on this site is provided in English language only. If you require support in other languages, please purchase from one of our resellers that supports your language. Check our list of Resellers on our Links page.
Manuals English manuals are available here.

Installation Instructions:

1. Read these instructions first. This version is a 15-day trial. After which time you will need to return to PathAway.com to purchase and receive the unlock key. For information on the latest release, please read the Release Notes and and FAQs on the PathAway Support Forum.

Trial Restrictions:
- Program expires after 15 days of use.
- GPS Connection limited to 10 minutes per session.

2. Read the System Requirements to ensure PathAway will work with your devices.

3. Read and Accept the License Agreement.

4. Download and Install the Application.
These instructions assume you have the Nokia Application Installer (or Equivalent) on your PC. It is part of the Nokia PC Suite.

- Ensure your device is connected and communicating with Nokia PC Suite.
- Download the program by selecting the link to the build you would like to run.
- When prompted, choose "Run", to execute the install after downloading
- Nokia Application Installer will prompt you for installation. Follow the on-screen instructions to install PathAway.

Alternatively you can right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As...". Choose a location on your hard drive, download, then use Nokia Application Installer to install the app.

- Once PathAway has been installed successfully, you can find it in the Applications area of your Main Menu on your device.
- To Run PathAway, choose the Icon.

Download and Run the PathAway Installer

PathAway GPS 5 - Express Edition for NOKIA/Symbian (choose only one)

NOKIA/Symbian Installer for:
- Series 60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 and higher
- Series 60 5th Edition

- Nokia Symbian^3, Anna, Belle
- Contains Multiple languages.

For devices running Series 60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 and higher, 5th Edition, Nokia Symbian^3, Anna, or Belle
Click on the link and Use Nokia Application Installer to install.


NOKIA/Symbian Installer for Series 60 3rd Edition (Initial Release).
ENGLISH language.

Only phones running the 3rd Edition Initial Release require this installer instead. If you are unsure which build to install, then try the version for Feature pack 1 or higher first.

Click on the link and Use Nokia Application Installer to install.

PathAway Tutorial Data

Contains Installer for Sample Tutorial Data

Click on the link and Use Nokia Application Installer to install.

PathAway PC-Tools

Installer for PathAway PC-Tools
PC-Tools for creating and calibrating maps; converting and transferring Tracks, Routes, and Points; editting Point Icon Databases.

5. Resources

User Manuals
PathAway Support Forum
Revision History
Send a Problem Report or Suggestion
Tracks, Routes, and Tracks Conversion Tools


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