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Theyr Weather Services are provided by Kona Limited.

Leisure is extremely important to our clients, and our data helps them make the most of their free time. Our clients also include professional mariners and businesses such as wind energy companies, so we know that lives and livelihoods depend on the accuracy of our forecast data too. Fortunately, our data is exceptionally accurate. We produce forecast data with market-leading Mean Absolute Error (MAE) figures: within 1m/s on a 36 hour forecast against observed data over a year. Achieving this level of accuracy requires an international team of specialists including numerical weather physicists and software engineers. The team produces forecasts from GFS data for our low-resolution services and creates our own high-resolution NMM data for subscribers.

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KONA Disclaimer

While Kona uses reasonable skill and care to ensure the accuracy of the weather data and forecasts provided through our web and software applications, and through third parties by whatever means (including but not limited to third party websites, software, charts and maps), it should always be borne in mind that meteorology, and weather forecasting in particular, are not exact sciences. Therefore our weather data and forecasts cannot be relied on as statements of fact. In addition, you should be aware that Kona services are provided without warranties or representations of any kind, whether express or implied. Any use you may make of Kona services is entirely at your sole risk, and Kona does not warrant or represent that the weather data, forecasts or services are error free or fit for any particular purpose or use. Kona accepts no responsibility for any use made of its weather data, forecasts or services, nor does it accept any liability for any death, injury, damage or loss of any kind, whether direct or indirect, to any person or entity, which may arise as a result of or in connection with use of our weather data, forecasts or services, to the fullest extent that we may disclaim such responsibilities and liabilities at law. Due to reliance on third party communication networks, or for any other reason, Kona does not warrant that provision of or access to weather data, forecasts or services will be uninterrupted, nor does it warrant that its internet site is free from any virus, worm, Trojan Horse, or any other kind of malware that may cause modification, deletion or damage of data files or computer programmes.