Registration Key Help

Please note that the newest versions of PathAway no longer use the Registration Key system. You simply need to create or sign into your PathAway Account when you first run PathAway, and the App will be unlocked for full and unlimited use. If you want to convert to the PathAway Account system then please Contact Us

If you are still using the old Registration key system and want to continue to use it then please follow the guide below in order to help us process your Registration Key problem efficiently

Lost Registration key

Registration key does not work, did not receive a registration key, or other registration key problems

If you just purchased, and your registration key does not work, or you didn't receive one, or you have some other registration key problem, please click here and we'll help you resolve it.

Changed (or reset) device and registration key no longer works

If you have switched devices and your new Owner name or UID no longer matches the name you originally purchased with, you may be entitled to a replacement registration key. Click here to send us all the information required in order to provide a new key.

All other queries, please fill in the Contact Form