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MuskokaTech Inc. (Mus-ko-ka-Tech)

PathAway is an App created by MuskokaTech (Mus-ko-ka-Tech). MuskokaTech was established in 1999, as a software development company focused on delivering next generation mobile applications that take advantage of advances in handheld devices and wireless networks. Its mission is to provide software that enhances mobile computing, with leading technology.

MuskokaTech's flagship product, PathAway, has been on the market since July 2001. PathAway has evolved into a robust feature rich App, that continues to be a leading innovator of GPS software with a growing international user base of satisfied customers.

MuskokaTech is located in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, in the beautiful, world famous district of Muskoka. Contact us here.

Scott Northmore, CEO and Founder

Scott founded MuskokaTech in 1999, working from his Cottage on Lake Rosseau in Muskoka. From his passion for the outdoors (aviation, boating, hiking, snowmobiling, camping, running, cross-country skiing, cycling) he created a product that would enhance his adventures and support others with theirs. With this enthusiasm, the company's flagship product PathAway was created.

The vision in ‘99… Scott envisioned the eventual convergence of phones, handheld devices, GPS and Bluetooth, onto one device that software could then enhance the capabilities of all that combined technology. Over the last years he has moved PathAway successfully across a variety of devices, platforms through to extending the technology to the current platforms of Android and iOS. PathAway continues to be a robust and feature rich App, leading the market and fully capitalizing on the latest available technology.

Scott has been a leading innovator in the North American software industry for over 30 years, during which time he played a major role of a number of successful software and internet startup companies. His award-winning work has spanned software development in desktop, mobile and internet solutions for the enterprise and consumers.