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New Easy Purchasing

Now for purchasing on, all you need to do is create a PathAway account, purchase, and then log into your account when you run the program (just once). SIMPLE!

If you've purchased from us before, you'll know you needed to go through the process of retrieving your UID from your device, then enter it into the purchase page correctly, then after purchasing, you needed to remember a registration key and enter into the App to unlock it for full use. There was an additional problem that the UID might change if you did a factory reset on your device. Now, that system is gone! (PathAway version 5.82 required)

So share with your friends and family that it is easier then ever to buy!  Simple method and 3 products to choose from…easy $5 lite version – think hike with the kids, geocaching and a simple way to track how long you are out and where you went!  Our $29.95 Express Edition is for those who need to use their own maps. Then the full enchilata our $49.95 Pro version for the demanding adventurer/professional who require more advanced data management, customizability, and remote location tracking.

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CEO Scott Northmore on a backcountry adventure in Killarney Provincial Park, Canada!

User Reviews

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Walter - Germany - 1 Sep 2014
PathAway Android

I would like to commend your program today. On my hike over the Alps (125 km) worked PW5 Pro without error. My tracks were recorded properly and on the external SD exported (Android 4.4.3). It reliably performed on the track. The program is fast. The map view is very good for me.
PW5 Pro is for me still the best program.

Richard M - Australia - 31 Aug 2014
PathAway iOS, Windows Mobile

PathAway has to be the best moving map app I've used, and it seamlessly integrates with Fugawi Global Navigator.
So please keep up the excellent work and a fine product!

Dr. Thomas E - Germany - 27 Aug 2014
PathAway Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
Many thanks by the way for your great piece of software which was one strong reason to go for Android after a period of time with iOS and many years of Windows Mobile with PathAway.

Thanks for the feedback and yes we would love to hear from you so share your stories and pictures of your adventures!!


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