PathAway GPS 5 - Webmaps for all

Previously Webmaps has been available only on PathAway Professional Edition. Now, Webmaps is included in all PathAway Editions for Windows Mobile and Nokia/Symbian. This makes viewing maps in PathAway simple and quick. All you need to do is open PathAway and start the GPS tracking. Maps will download to fill the screen as required. You can zoom in or zoom out to acquire different resolutions. Maps are cached, so downloading only needs to be done once.

Please note: You will need to upgrade to PathAway version 5.30 in order to take advantage of these new features. If you already have version 5, then this update is FREE.

Note: WebMaps downloads data from third-party Map Servers so availability of these maps may change at any time without notice. MuskokaTech provides no warranty or support of the quality of these maps.
Maps currently supported:
Google Maps: Worldwide street, satellite, and terrain maps.
Terraserver-USA Maps: USGA Topographic and aeriel photo maps. Covers USA only. User contributed Street Map Community. Covers most of World. User contributed topgraphic and terrain maps. Covers most of World
X-Traverse: Map sets provided by Mainly topographical and marine charts covering various regions including USA, Canada, Germany, and Sweden.

In PathAway see the Web Maps Dialog to choose the desired map source and type.