PathAway PRO for Android

Install Instructions: Download Barcode
Download either the APK file or the zip file.

APP File

- Download and copy this file on your device, or from your mobile browser.
- Tap on the APK file to start the installation.

- Note: If you are using Internet Explorer, then it renames the .apk file to .zip Simply rename the file back to .apk to install on your device.

or Zip File
- PathAway installer inside a zip file.
- Download this file and unzip it.
- Copy the application package file to your device (.apk)
- On your device use the File Browser and tap on the .apk file to install it.

Latest updates:

Current Release:
Read the Release Notes for information on what's in the latest updates.
Check out the PathAway Support Forum for questions, and to share information and experiences.

Minor Update policy: All releases of versions from 5.00 to 6.99 are Free for PathAway PRO owners. Simply download and install over your current version.
Major Upgrade policy:

Upgrade to this version from any valid pre-existing Express/Standard/PRO Edition on any platform. Simply provide your old user name/Owner Name/IMEI/UID and matching registration key and you will be eligible for upgrade pricing.

Android OS Compatibility:

Android 2.2 or higher

Languages Included in Multilingual Build
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Swedish, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified and Traditional.
Technical and Sales Support All support for the product is done through our online Forum and via email on our Contact web page. Support on this site is provided in English language only.
Manuals English manuals are available here.