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PathAway GPS 5
for Windows
Mobile Handhelds
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PathAway for Windows Mobile

The following is a sampling of some of the screens found in PathAway

PathAway Standard and Professional Edition Screenshots:
PathAway Professional Edition Screenshots:

PathAway Main Screen Components

Screen Views

Full Screen Map View
Utilizes full screen to give the largest map viewing area.
Customizable Compass View
Show important information in large text with Compass-Like displays.




Tracking View
Shows Time, Speed, Distance, information. Blue line on map indicates recorded track.

Route View
Shows route progress. How close to your route track. Time, distance and course to next point and destination. Red line indicates current route.
Proximity View
Tells you where Points are from you. Point Icons are shown on the maps.
Point View

Shows items from the points, tracks and route databases. Allows displaying them on the map or placing them into a route.
GPS Sky View
Graphical view of location, fix type, and signal strength of each satellite.
GPS Data View

Shows individual satelite signal information

Optional Finger Touch Menu System

Use standard cascading menus, or the new Easy finger touch user interface for menu selection. the new Finger Touch menus are displayed similarly to the dashboard with transparent Iconic command options. This allows you to keep navigating while selecting an option. Great if you're travelling and only have a few seconds at a time to choose menu commands.
Main Menu

"Finger Touch" main menu. Includes a "Favorites Menu". Add your favourite commands for easy access.

Screens Menu
Finger Touch menu for selecting PathAway's Customizable Screens.


Customizable Dashboard

Customize Dashboard

Customizable Dash Options allow you to see the information you want.
Customize Dashboard

Routing, Tracking, or General information can be chosen to be placed on the dashboard.

GPS Configuration

GPS Configuration
Setup for GPS device. Watch GPS input stream to ensure communication is working properly.
GPS Configuration
Setup for GPS device. Advanced GPS options to ensure your device works as you want.

Start New Trip Dialog

Start New Trip Dialog
Options for choosing a route, track or point to navigate with, transportation mode, and track logging options.

Start New Trip Dialog

Easy selecting of route or track log to navigate with.


Tap Screen Context Menu

Tap Screen Context Menus
Tap on the screen to get quick access to availables options, as well as perform common commands.

Tap Screen Context Menus

Tap on a point to get details, or to edit it.

Tap Screen Context Menus
Point Menu allows you to add a new point, add a point to a route, or measure distance between two points.

Tap Screen Context Menus

select the Map menu for repositioning the map, zooming in or out, manually rotate map, or find other maps within the same boundary, or set map display options.


Map, Track, Route, Point Database Dialogs

Route Databases
Lists all of your routes. You can create new routes, edit a route, or choose an existing route to follow forward or reverse.

Route Details
Edit route information such as name, and mode of transportation.

Recorded Tracks
Lists of your recorded tracks. Choose a track to follow for pin-point accurate routing.
Download from GPS Device

Manage your tracks by duplicating or joining tracks, and transfer between Garmin GPS devices. Upload/download tracks, routes, or points.
Lists all loaded maps. Choose display to show the map on-screen. Transfer maps between memory expansion cards.
Map Details

Edit map information such as name, and geographical coordinates.
Map Details
Use Projected maps for precision plotting on wide scale maps
Map Details

Supports most common map datums.

Map Calibrate Options

Map Calibrate Options
Adjust your map geographical boundaries for pin-point accuracy, in a number of ways.

Map Calibrate Options

Simple and fast Calibration by selecting two known points on the map. PathAway does the rest.

Nudge Map

Fine tune your map by nudging it's coordinates in incremental values.

Map Calibrate Options
Calibrate by 3 or more known points to get highest map accuracy.


Edit Point Details

Edit Point Details
Apply your own custom made icons to your points.
Edit Point Details

Add a custom alarm sound to associate with a given point.
Point Details
Add a custom alarm sound to associate with a given point.
Point Details

Add a custom picture to associate with a given point.

Preferences Dialogs


Set track recording preferences. Control how large the track file can get, and how often data is logged.
Time Estimation
Control how time-based estimates are calculated. Time estimates can be set to the exact time it took on a followed track.

General settings for units of measure. Override handheld's auto shutoff feature.
Select primary and secondary display coordinates, in desired grid, and datum.
Map Display

Control how and what information is displayed on the map view screens.
Map Display
Control how and what information is displayed on the map view screens.

Points Options

Select proximity alarm radius threshold, point naming options and icon and label view thresholds.


Have audible alarms sound when you reach points of interest, or get off your route track.
Line Style

Change the width and color of Route and Track lines for easier viewing.
Position Marker
Adjust the size, style, and color of the location postion marker.

PathAway Professional Edition Screenshots


Remote Location Tracking

Remote Locations shown on Full Screen
Each Remote location can have it's own colored label.
Calculate Location
Choose the format of the remote labels.
Remotes View
View List of all Remotes and their relative location to your current location

Send My Location
Support major proprietary and microtracker formats. Send via Http or direct to other users via SMS


Calculate Location

Edit Point - Location
Calculate a new position relative to the current position by tapping the "Calc..." button
Calculate Location
Enter a new distance and course from the start location to calculate the new location.


WebMaps feature enables you to download maps from supported Map Servers on the fly while you travel. In the WebMaps dialog, you select the Web Server and type of map. You can choose to store a cache of downloaded maps on your SD Card by changing the Cache folder.



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