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PathAway GPS 5
for Windows
Mobile Handhelds
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PathAway for Windows Mobile
What's New

Revision Notes on Latest Updates

PathAway is revised and improved on a regular basis. For information on these incremental updates see the Standard Edition Release Notes and the Profesional Edition Release Notes. All minor updates to the software is Free. Simply download at re-install over your existing implementation.

October 2008
New Product: PathAway GPS 5 for Windows Mobile

PathAway GPS 5 Is a major improvement over PathAway GPS 4. It sports a new "Finger Touch" user interface, more responsive and faster performance. Also, the dashboard is now transparent enabling you to visualize more of the map without losing the display of important trip information. With the new Trips database structure it is easy to import and export GPX files since all of the data included in the GPX file including Points, Routes, and Tracks, will be contained in the Trips definition. So you can export the Trips as well and all the necessary data will remain together. Also included is a new Elevation and Speed Profile Screen. Great for analyzing the difficulty of a trek, or reviewing performance. Click Here for details.

February 2007
New Product: PathAway GPS 4 - Professional Edition

PathAway Professional Edition provides even more powerful features along with the existing features for the Standard Edition. With PRO you can send your location automatically or manually to other PathAway PRO users, or to a tracking server. Use PathAway PRO to monitor positions of multiple users. Great for group travel, search and rescue operations, people tracking, or asset tracking. Click Here for the PathAway Professional Edition details.

April 2006
New Product: PathAway GPS 4 - Standard Edition

PathAway GPS 4 is designed to meet the next level of power and usability on the latest Pocket PC and Palm OS mobile devices.

PathAway GPS 4 sports new features such as Track up navigation, improved Bluetooth communications, Satellite Sky View and Compass View screens, Picture and Audio waypoints, new map calibration options, measure distance between 2 two points, plus many more.


  • 15 Days.
  • Restricted to 10 minutes of GPS connectivity


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